Why I Left the Church

(Introductory section to Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

Even though I had decided, with Sindy, to tell the HAS that I wasn’t in support of the church anymore (and we had now done that), in spite of all the evidence that I’ve been giving you in this paper, I still could not yet fully make up my mind.

I was still not fully convinced that I was going to leave the church or that David Miscavige was an SP or that the people in the Truth Rundown were actually telling the truth.

I went through quite a bit of anguish over the next couple of weeks.  All the maybes that I had been experiencing were still there. For example, when my “Dead Agent” handling began, at first, I was stymied by the data being presented to me and how it contradicted the data I had been reading on the Internet. The “Dead Agent” material did cause me to doubt, in the beginning, the claims that were being made against David Miscavige and the current church management. I could not decide what the truth really was.

I finally decided to end all this inner turmoil by doing a full sort-out and soul-search on this thing. A lot of thoughts were jumbled around in my head. I decided to sit by myself, write down all my thoughts and sort them out. I asked myself what I really thought about a lot of things.

In my opinion, as I said before, the things I am going to say will not prove to you that church management is corrupt or that David Miscavige beats his staff. For all you know, those claims may all be lies. But I think it is pretty obvious that you need to open your eyes to some very obvious outpoints and start questioning some things if you haven’t already done so. Look at these things, investigate for yourself and come to your own conclusions.

I am now going to detail the reasoning behind why I ultimately decided to leave.  This was all part of my Doubt formula.

Next…2½ % or 97½ %?

4 thoughts on “Why I Left the Church

  1. The Oracle says:

    “I could not decide what the truth really was.”

    That should have been a simple doubt formula. Impossible since Int management does not release stats of auditors and releases anymore so you can not examine them. Instead they use “dead agent” packs. Why didn’t they show you stats to examine? Int management will not show those graphs. That makes it IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to do a standard doubt formula! That is the only reason why you couldn’t sit down in HCO the minute you said you were in doubt and do a doubt formula! No! They isolate you, put you on mest work, and run off to manufacture a dead agent pack instead of placing a simple ethics book in front of you to do a doubt formula.

    That in itself is an obvious departure from standard ethics.

  2. davefagen says:

    Well, the Dead Agent pack is supposed to be a guide to help you do your Doubt Formula, but as can be seen in the sections where I describe my Dead Agent Handling, it was not an honest package of data.

  3. The Oracle says:

    Yes, because Int Management does not share statistics for you to examine. Instead they share p.c. folder data! And I will tell what was REALLY evil about that. And 1.1. It was a covert threat.

    If they are showing you culled data from former members p.c. folders what does that communicate? They will do the same thing to YOU. They will cull your p.c. folder data and show it to others. That is exactly what was so evil about that.

  4. Pumpkin says:

    I did the same thing – write and write and write. The list of False Data that is pealing off even after 2 years is astounding. I went up and down the tone scale on it all for a good 20 months! Not to pleasent. But after some 20 months my wins came back from my processing to OT IIV. My memory of staff and childhood is returning more every day.
    Good going Dave as I continue your story……

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