“Why Don’t You Handle it on ‘Proper Lines’?”

Section 4 of Part 5 – Some Things I Have to Say About All This

There’s always going to be faults because nobody is perfect.  Why didn’t you just handle the outpoints you saw on the proper lines instead of abandoning us and causing yourself to be declared?

It was, and is, my observation that the Church of Scientology is run by an SP who has no intention to follow policy and whose agenda is completely the opposite of mine.  Add to that the fact that the people who he gives his orders to put more importance on what he says to do than on really doing the right thing, per LRH policy or by just common sense.  Witness the fact that when two staff in my org were shown (by me) loads of evidence regarding blatant violations of tech and policy going on in the church (as ordered by its current leader) as the main activities of the church in current times, they were completely unwilling to look into it any further and were completely willing to blame the church’s problems on outsiders.

There was no point in trying to handle it on proper lines.  No Job Endangerment Chit written by me on David Miscavige for ordering students to do off-policy courses in my courseroom was going to change anything.  (I still should have written the chit though, and I wish I could say that I did.)  I had already observed that anyone who speaks out publicly about actions done by COB and management gets declared with absolutely no standard LRH Justice policies being applied.  Mary Jo Leavitt’s KR did not result in any change in any of the outnesses she wrote about.

And what’s more, I didn’t want to be part of the church anymore.  That lack of ability of COB to make ethics change, and thus the church as a whole (since he is the source-point of all its major programs and agendas), is something that I could easily see.  The only way any reform in the church would ever happen would have to be originated by people who were no longer under COB’s control in any way — and maybe by law enforcement putting him in jail where he belongs.

It is not a matter of “Well, if you think COB needs to be corrected, you should report him.  Or if it’s someone else doing something wrong you should report them.  That’s the way anything wrong can get handled.”

No, this situation IS different.  I saw that David Miscavige has an agenda.  It does NOT include using LRH Policy for the greatest good.  His agenda involves greed, abuse, self-importance, license to break the law and a lavish lifestyle.  He is duping people into supporting him and into doing whatever he says no matter now insane it is.  Yet another part of it is the annihilation of anyone who dare speak out against him and the use of his duped supporters to help to make that happen.

The guy is an SP.  It is not possible for him to make that ethics change.  There was no way I could ever pretend to fit in.  As long as those still in the church still think he is the savior of Scientology and that what he says goes, and as long as too few people stand up to him, the church will continue to be a squirrel group and will eventually fade away.

I would rather be declared suppressive by a squirrel group than try to come to terms with David Miscavige’s suppressive abuse of people for his own personal gain.  I would have had to pretend to agree with things I didn’t agree with in order to remain “in good standing.”  It wasn’t going to happen.

Furthermore, I challenge anyone to write a Knowledge Report on any of the gross violations of tech or policy that you can obviously see, and see if that does anything.  I don’t mean something that is being done only in your local org by a few people.  I’m talking about things that are being done as the major programs of the entire church.

For example, write a KR on the fact of the Ideal Org program violating LRH policy, or write one on the fact that everyone on OT VII is required to receive a Sec Check every six months.  Write the KR and then tell me if those violations get handled.  Tell me that your KR on the Ideal Org program was read and that as a result, the Ideal Org program was discontinued.

Only then will I even consider buying the idea that I should reinstate my support of the church and use proper church lines to handle outnesses that I see.

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2 thoughts on ““Why Don’t You Handle it on ‘Proper Lines’?”

  1. Your humble servant says:

    “Why don’t you handle it on proper lines?” Hah! Only an ignorant person would ask that; only an uninformed one would think it.

  2. The Oracle says:

    Proper lines? There are no “proper lines”. Lines go between terminals and Miscavige has unmocked all of the Org Board terminals. They are in trailers or abandoned homes. There are no more WTC people or RTC people there is only Dave. There are no terminals so there are no lines. there is only David. How you you handle something on “proper lines” when there are no more lines because the terminals have been unmocked? Handling it on “proper lines” has become an unattainable goal. And the rest of the people from the Int Base down have a right to know.

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