Where Does All That Money Go?

(Section 16 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

As I have said before, whatever anyone is doing in the field to disseminate the tech of Scientology, to audit people, to bring hope to people in despair, to reform drug addicts and prisoners, to bring prosperity to ethical businesses and so on, my hat is off to them. I appreciate it very much.

I don’t have hard evidence as to how IAS monies are spent on whatever projects exist for dissemination and social reform activities.  But, I don’t trust that most of the money is going to where it is said to go.

Part of that mistrust is just based on all the outpoints that I’ve brought up so far.  If I can’t trust COB and church management to apply tech and policy standardly, and if I observe that they are false reporting as to the church’s expansion, why would I trust them to use the funds that have been raised in an ethical manner?

So when someone who used to be part of the church comes along and says that COB wastes money and illegally uses it for his own personal gain and gratification, I am not going to just discard what they have to say, I’d say there is more than a very good chance that it is true.

One former Int exec said that COB used about $70,000,000 of church money to build an office building for HIMSELF on the Int base.  Practically the whole building was built to COB’s custom specifications and at many points while it was being built, he changed his mind about how he wanted it and had parts re-done.  So all that money was not only illegally used, but some of it was completely wasted on having parts built twice or more. And he also ordered a home built for LRH, years after LRH had died, that cost about $30,000,000 and the building is never used!

Then there is the account by one of COB’s former cooks.  She says that they would cook a meal for him every two and a half hours, fitted to very specific specifications concerning amounts of calories, fat, carbohydrate and protein.  It was food such as organic chicken breast, Atlantic salmon flown in fresh, corn-fed lamb from New Zealand.  Over $1000 a week was spent just to serve a handful of people, including COB.

COB had (at least up to the time this cook was no longer on that post) two full-time chefs, four stewards, someone to handle his laundry and someone to do all his tailoring making sure his clothes fit him perfectly.  He has his own personal hairdresser who flew with him wherever he went.  He has his own personal chiropractor who does the same.  His living quarters are, no matter where he travels, always the best of the best.  No expense is spared.  He has very expensive audio-visual equipment for himself, lavish furnishings and basically anything he wants.  He has a six-car garage filled with many luxury cars.

Now, I’m not saying that an important leader of an important movement doesn’t deserve nice things, a nice place to live and conditions that are not squalid.  A man who does very important work and is very busy selflessly giving of himself to serve others (especially one who is being successful in creating a better civilization),  deserves to have people service him and to see to it that his life is distraction-free so that he can get on with what’s really important and provide the world with his services.

But COB is not selflessly giving of himself to serve others, is not being successful in creating a better civilization and does not deserve to have people service him, as he is not getting on with what’s really important in the world.

And given the desperate situation that the world is in and the supposed purpose of the Church of Scientology to establish a world without insanity, without criminals and without war, and with all the funds that that task supposedly requires so urgently, then what the hell is COB doing spending $1000 a week on perfect food, and what is he doing having luxury cars and the like? What else could be done with that money, regardless of whether or not some of the money is already spent on the humanitarian projects that are said to be being carried out due to IAS donations?

Do I personally have any hard evidence that your IAS donations go specifically to David Miscavige’s personal home and furnishings and his food and daily luxurious expenses?  No.  But I do believe that these former Int staff are telling the truth based on the sheer multitudes of claims made that show me he can’t be trusted.  Given that COB has all these extravagant things, the money to pay for them had to come from somewhere.  Even if they came from church service sales only, it is still a rip-off of the church for his own personal gain.  Much worse than that, if he is using IAS donations for such things, which I believe he is, that is one of the most horrific betrayals of you and your hard-earned money — money that you were told was going to projects that would be beneficial to you and all your dynamics, that I could ever imagine.

It’s so disgusting I almost can’t even stand to think about it.

All that aside, from the fact, that I don’t think he cares one iota about saving the planet through the use of Scientology, based on all the evidence that I have.

When you donate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IAS, or when you spend late nights at great personal sacrifice trying to get others to donate tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars to the IAS, don’t you think you have a right to know exactly where the money all goes?  And I don’t mean the generality of “it goes to humanitarian programs like Narconon, the VM program, etc” but more like, this amount goes to this exact project, this amount goes here, that amount goes there, etc.  I’m talking about actually seeing the account sheet in specific amounts.  It’s your money and you have a right to transparency in your church.

Yes, I think that David Miscavige is scamming you and the people you are getting to donate, into providing him the lavish lifestyle he does not deserve, under false pretenses.  He is a scam artist and a criminal.

Another example of gross, financial misappropriation is the money he spends on private detectives and other people (sometimes parishioners working for OSA, sometimes non-Scientologists who have been lied to) to follow and harass people who speak out about their disagreements with his criminal activities.  Many videos of this behavior have been filmed.  For example, Marty Rathbun and his wife had people hanging out in front of his house every day for months, harassing them.  The church had to hire private people and pay big sums of money to do that.  One guy who was hired to do this, quit when he had gotten into it for a few days and realized what was really going on.  He then revealed that he had been told that the object of the project was to make Marty Rathbun’s life so miserable that he would stop saying negative things about COB and the current church management.  I would bet that it cost a pretty penny to pay someone to do that.  I have read many similar stories of this kind of thing being done to many other people.

Aside from my opinions of whether Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige are good or bad guys, I totally disagree with this waste of YOUR money on this BS.  If the church was just expanding at the rate COB says it was, if auditors were being made at the rate they needed to be made, if millions of people were really getting incredible wins from the tech under COB’s leadership, then how much negative influence do you think a so-called disgruntled ex-Int exec (which is what the church’s Black PR line is on Marty Rathbun) would have on the church’s expansion?  Zero.  But under the guise of protecting the religion of Scientology, COB is wasting millions of dollars (of other people’s money), and in my opinion he’s doing it to try to prevent Marty Rathbun and others from exposing his criminal activities.

Next…David Miscavige’s Qualifications for his Post

11 thoughts on “Where Does All That Money Go?

  1. The Oracle says:

    Where does the money go?

    1. Vaults to bury the tech as clearly Miscavige thinks this planet will not be cleared with him around.

    2. Private apartments for Miscavige, this is actually embezzlement and breach of fiduciary trusts and tax evasion.

    3. Bribes to silence people that Miscavige has tortured.

    4. Birthday parties aboard the Freewinds for David’s BFF Tom Cruise.

    5. Spy equipment to illegally video tape Tom Cruise’s video sessions.

    6. David’s posse of servants, cooks, maids, body guards, chauffeurs, attorneys, assistants, laundress’ and PR flock.

    7. Various bank accounts that only Miscavige has control over.

    8. Private investigators to stalk and police anyone that poses a threat to Miscavige on any level.

    9. Mass purchases of theater tickets to any opening film of Tom Cruise .

    10. Bribes to lobbyists.

    11. Pay Offs to politicians and local law enforcement agencies.

    12. Accessories for DM such as custom made “little people” furniture for his living quarters, Monte Blanc pens. custom uniforms, tanning beds, facial lamps, speech writers, stylists, gourmet food supply, scotch supply and finally:

    LIMOUSINES to go beat up staff! See Don Larsen BBC INterview only here because it has been smashed off the internet :


  2. The Oracle says:


  3. davefagen says:

    Regarding the above list: Thanks. I was hoping that someone could expound on where the money goes better than I could.


  4. Seeker says:

    One thing you didn’t mention on the Idle Orgs project — all those millions being raised from to buy new building from the locals — the building when it is purchased, is not owned by the local org – some Int level org so you might as well say DM himself) is the owner of the property. So little Davy is making out quite handsomely from all the fund-raping he demands.

  5. Seeker says:

    typo: all those millions being raised from local Scientologists to buy a new org building.

  6. davefagen says:

    I did mention that somewhere, I forget where.

  7. Anonymous says:

    And DM’s private 70,000 million dollar mansion, While staff and SO are paid like 50. per week, although staff and SO often donate even that.

  8. Jose says:

    I used to be a SO Member at LATAM not long ago. I remember that the money allocated for the whole crew meals was around 800 usd per week when it was a good budget, sometimes it would be as low as 375 usd or worse I remembere this week when we would only have eggs.

  9. Jose says:

    Staff pay would go from the ridiculous ammount of 3 usd to no more than 35, when there was any. Sometimes we wouldnt have any pay for months.

    We woldnt have allowances either. A guy who was the Snr HAS died because he couldnt see a dentist until it was really late, he had controlled leuchimia but it got complicated because of the terrible alimentation and little sleep.

  10. Just me says:

    Having read in a “oner” to this point it has been amazing to actually chart your thoughts to the realization that DM is actually a criminal, a difficult but very true realization!

  11. davefagen says:

    Agreed. Thank you for your comment.

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