What? No Auditors?

(Section 4 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

In the church, the lack of auditors being made is one of the most blatant, destructive outpoints that exists — no matter whether David Miscavige beats his staff or is the kindest, sweetest, gentlest man on Earth.  Without enough auditors, there is no way to clear a planet.  How many auditors do you think it would take, to audit enough people, to make the vast change that you always thought Dianetics and Scientology could make in the world?  Don’t you think that the making of auditors should be the most important thing being pushed by the management of the church? I do.

I went to Flag to become a better supervisor and I certainly did.  I developed the skill to make auditors.  Since I came back,  in about four years time, I produced one Class IV and two or three Solo auditors. Our org had two or three auditors on staff when I left and two public were on auditor training.  Auditor training was never the big push in those years and don’t just conclude that this was the case due to bad supervision, without actually having observed that for yourself.  Ask anyone who I ever Suped whether or not they liked studying under my supervision or if they wanted to be there while I was Suping.

In the mid-1980s, I was an outer org trainee at Flag.  At that time, there were what I consider to be a lot of public on full-time auditor training.  I remember wondering how these people made it go right, to not have to work, to be on full-time training.  Also, there were quite a few people on auditor training that were not full-time but were going flat-out on their training evenings and weekends.  In addition, I had noticed quite a few people making trips to Flag, from out of the area, to get Flag trained.

When at Flag in the 2000s, it was very rare to see a public on auditor training.  I remember noticing what a novelty it was to see someone doing auditor drills or studying in the auditor theory courseroom.  The Briefing Course had students, at the time, but I still say the percentages were small.  The tech and BC courserooms were made up, I’d say, of 90% or more outer org trainees (staff members at Class V orgs who went to Flag to get trained as tech terminals for their home org).

I had heard many stories about how in the 1970s, before I had gotten into Scientology, that the courserooms were usually full and that auditor training was the thing to do. For example, I was told that the St Louis org was a Saint Hill Sized org back then. I have talked to a couple of people who trained in that org at that time. “Old timers” in the Chicago field would tell their stories of how they all trained together back then.

Nowadays, I don’t know of any courseroom in the world where it is routinely packed with people training to be auditors. If you think there are any, you may be right. I suggest that if you really want to know, that you look at the actual statistics – how many students are actively on courses where they are training to be auditors. Don’t accept answers like, “The orgs with their new buildings are the ones who are training a lot of auditors.” Get the stats. And I mean on auditor training, meaning the Academy Levels or Briefing Course.

How many Class VIIIs have you seen made in the last 15 years? Personally, I don’t know of any public who became permanent Class VIIIs within that time. I witnessed an occasional Sea Org member become an interned Class VIII. One Class V org staff auditor I know of trained as a Class VIII and was on his internship at Flag for at least a year, and then he got sent home without completing it. And I know of a mission holder who was on her Class VIII internship for possibly a year or more and I don’t know whether she eventually completed it or not. That’s it on the Class VIIIs that I know of.

Orgs have only 2 major valuable final products.

One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.” (LRH ED 131 Int, Life Repair Block; OEC Vol 4, p. 145

The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is:

HOW MANY TRAINED AUDITORS EXIST IN ITS AREA.” (HCO PL 4 Oct 67 I, Auditor and Org Individual Stats; OEC Vol 4, p.118)

Getting to be an excellent auditor is a must if one merely wishes to live. But one dynamic isn’t enough. It takes all the dynamics to make a freedom. Therefore, to be Clear is not enough. To be a cleared auditor and to handle and audit people is a must if we wish to be totally free.” (Ability Mag, Issue #72, Late April 1958; Tech Vol IV, p. 329)

It is surely, surely true that nobody will make OT without training.” (HCO PL 17 Mar 65 I Clearing and Training; OEC Volume 4, p. 614)

Essentially, auditor training has been replaced by the Basics courses and, then more recently, the ACCs and Congresses. These courses do not belong in the Division 4 Academy. They are all theory courses and they do not teach the student how to audit.

Of course, the student would prefer facing a thought or theory or a quick think process to facing real, live engrams, secondaries and banks. So we don’t train them well.” (HCO PL 2 Oct 58 Sale and Conduct of Academy Courses; OEC Vol 4, p. 554)

A student leaving a course should be able to do Scientology and achieve excellent auditing results.” (HCO PL 14 May 62 Training Sections)

…It is the Academy’s purpose to train auditors….” (HCO PL 21 Sept 65 V E-Meter Drills; OEC Vol 4, p. 626)

You can stuff a student with theory until it’s coming out of his ears but you won’t have an auditor until he AUDITS….

The direction we’re going in is – we’re going to MAKE AUDITORS.” (LRH ED 299 Int, The End of Endless Training; OEC Vol 4, p. 419)

One might argue that basics courses delivered are products, and that is true, they are. However, here are some more LRH references about this:

Orgs have only 2 major final valuable products. One is well-trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.

Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.” (LRH ED 131 Int, Life Repair Block, 8 Dec 70; OEC Vol 4, p. 145)

The test of any subproduct list is: Is it resulting in VFPs. If not, somebody has been making a staff busy.” (HCO PL 24 Jul 78 Subproducts, How to Compile a Subproduct List; OEC Vol 7, p. 826)

Only real VFPs count.” (HCO PL 28 Feb 80, Org Series 41, Production and One’s Standard of Living; OEC Vol 0, p. 315)

Stats depend on auditing being done and being taught.”

That’s the basic way we will win the world – auditing.”

Small livingness courses, defense, policy, the OEC, promotion, all these are valuable too. But only to the degree they get people in to get audited and trained as auditors.”

That gives the org purpose – for only auditing can clean up a community.

That gives action. That gives income.”

If an org isn’t so oriented, then no manner of highly skilled management will make it go.” (LRH ED 67 Int, How to Raise Stats; OEC Vol 4, p. 127)

As I said, this lack of auditor training is a horrendous outpoint.  It shows an utter disregard for the reason why the Church of Scientology originally existed.  There is no excuse for it.  It is a betrayal of the worst kind.

In my opinion, if David Miscavige really cared about the expansion of Scientology and about carrying out its original purpose, if he were the seemingly superhuman exec that I had always thought he was, if he were really the epitome of the RTC hound for Standard Tech and admin, every org would have an overabundance of auditors by now and we would have floods of people going Clear in every org and every org that existed, when he started out on his post, would be Saint Hill size by now and new orgs would be popping up all over the place.

When I was Suping these Basics courses, I didn’t notice the outpoint and that is why, when I read “Friends of LRH”, I assigned myself Treason and realized that all of Scientology was in Treason.  It took people who had already left the church to point out to me what I had been blind to, even though it was right in front of my eyes on a daily basis!  Having done course OEC Volume 4, of all people, I should have known better.

I had this all justified. I reasoned that people weren’t training as auditors because they didn’t have enough basic understanding of Scientology to really duplicate and understand auditor tech.  I figured this was why it was necessary for them to study all the Basics before training as auditors. I had it all explained that somewhere down the line, the Basics would lead to a training boom. But, LRH never said this and if the church purports to its members that it can be trusted to apply only LRH tech and policy, then that is what it should be doing. The fact that it wasn’t applying LRH tech and policy, in this regard, showed me (only after I came out of Treason) that the word of church management was not something that could be trusted like I had thought it could.

Sure, maybe in some cases, a person might become a better auditor someday because he studied all the Basics first (due to the fact that he has gotten a very thorough grounding in the basic understandings of Scientology) but, if the church claims to be strictly in-tech and on-policy, why do they have to come up with a solution that LRH never gave as a solution?  The church was once able to make a lot of auditors, before David Miscavige took over leadership of the church, by using LRH’s training programs. Why didn’t COB and RTC find a solution from LRH tech and policy, which is something that has, of course, worked in the past?

And from Study Tape #5:

That’s a law: Number of opportunities to fail are directly proportional to the length of approach or length of time that it’s going to take to get up to where you’re going to study this thing.” – LRH (Lecture 13 August 1964, Study and Education)

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5 thoughts on “What? No Auditors?

  1. truth!
    “That’s a law: Number of opportunities to fail are directly proportional to the length of approach or length of time that it’s going to take to get up to where you’re going to study this thing.” – LRH (Lecture 13 August 1964, Study and Education)

  2. Momo says:

    I know of a twin-pair in the academy who went through the levels and grades on a co-audit-basis. After 10 years they were still co-auditing on the Grades.

  3. Nelson says:

    I know this post is old, but…

    A LONG time ago I realized we were not really doing Scientology and needed to retrain from the ground up or get no-where. Thing is, at the time I had not really enrolled properly on my staff status 2 since I was past the 1 year limit on staff status 1 but did SS2 anyway and attested to its completion. It was a false attest in other words.

    Now, that certainly made be a traitor to the trust of getting trained. And it was at the worst possible time since I was at ITO for KTL course sup training for the public release date, (hence the quicky think) to get trained on time by omitting a retread of SS1. I tell you that was an overt act of magnitude, at least to me and I blew myself off lines to protect Scientology and the public from what I felt would result if I did not get my ethics in and train from the very beginning as I sure must have missed basics to have made that blunder. What I am saying is this false attests are dynamite and death. I caught myself early, others obviously did not.

    The really good news is RTC did take the kinks out of the training lineup to where we now have all the tech and have it in correct order with no important omissions. I think now is a grand time to train in Dianetics and Scientology in a new unit of time, just to make sure it is got right.


  4. spikeysnack says:

    Wow Nelson! Way to propitiate to the monster!
    SS1 and SSII are nothing to get excited about and surely nothing to torpedo your life over. SSII leaves most newbies in a spin for months and then it is quickly forgotten as it bears no relation to the day’s activities to hand.
    You didn’t do it because you didn’t want to do it because you were in protest about the reality break over what they said it was supposed to be and what it actually was.
    But you apparently think it was all your fault and sound actually in terror of a bunch of office workers you never even see anymore. That is what is known, technically, as a “mind f*ck’.
    The urge to start over (and it will be OK this time) is a common fantasy (fueled by regret) we all have sometimes, but I am afraid it will be like stepping out of the deer trap and stepping on the bear trap for you. We all have personal doubts about ourselves and that makes up look for upward paths and people and assign them saintly status and its always a glamor that fades upon inspection.
    But you — you are wandering around with a sword in your chest, (that you put there) inviting the world to shove it in a little deeper. You are the one who is going to have to pull it out; CO$ will only twist it and laugh “Quit hurting yourself! Quit hurting your self! Hahahaha!”

    “Poor me” is good for about an hour behind the bathroom door, but then you have to move off of that. Abnegating self leads only to stuck in the emotional mud of self-loathing.
    Admit you were swindled by professional swindlers, and then try to remember the purpose you were trying to fulfill before you were given the CO$ as the path to it; before your goal was blunted and shoved down a hole of reasons to put it off, ignore it, and do others’ bidding.
    Oh, and you will eventually get mad. Let yourself get angry. Believe me, anger is on the way up.

  5. Stat man says:

    A problem with statistics is that public can not see actual scientology statistics. At events, sometimes. The OIC Is in HCO and for staff. It is not a Public display. Examine the statistics, of a group Org Country! Its just not available.You cannot walk into a continental sea org org like PAC EU etc and say I want to see, examine stats. This area is for SO members, HCO and Execs.. Its a Hidden to the Public aspect of scientology. If you keep stats hidden its easier to advance with PR instead of facts.

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