What Happened in HCO Chicago

(Section 9 of Part 2 – Determining the Validity of Internet Data)

After reading Friends of LRH, I decided that I was with Sindy and that the Church of Scientology, as it was currently being run, was not something I could support. I told her to set up a date and time to meet with the HAS  so we would go in together at that time, and tell her that we were withdrawing our support and our reasons why. We were not sure what kind of reaction we would get but we knew that this is what we had to do.

We even printed off the full website of Friends of LRH,  put it in a nice 3-ring binder with plastic page inserts, and brought it with us to show to her.

I also typed up a write-up of a Treason condition assignment. When I had read Friends of LRH, it suddenly became very obvious to me that I was in the condition of Treason as a Scientologist for not wearing my hat per Keeping Scientology Working.  All these extreme outpoints had been happening before my very eyes for years.  I had gone into agreement with all of them, when all that needed to be done was to read the policies, understand them, and realize that these were the references which all Scientologists had trusted their management to apply. The next step would be to compare them to what was actually happening and to note that they were not being applied.  Finally, what was needed was to speak out about it and ensure that they then were applied.

And not only was I in Treason but so was every member of the Church that I knew of. I included in that write-up a suggestion that every staff member and public that I knew of was also in that condition, and a recommended handling.  So I included in the Treason assignment on myself, a recommendation that every staff member at my org also assign themselves and apply the condition.

Actually by writing this up, I was giving the org staff members a chance to get their ethics in. I felt that all anyone would have to do would be to take a simple look at what I was saying and then they should be able to see that what we had been doing as the main actions in our org was diametrically opposed to the way things were supposed to be being done and that we weren’t as “per LRH” as we thought we were. It should have been obvious.

It wasn’t something that I was saying. It was something that LRH was saying in his policies. This should be totally obvious, in my opinion, as it was when someone actually got me to look!

I felt that my write-up (assigning myself and the staff Treason) was well-written and unmistakably conclusive as to its validity. I thought that the HAS should look at it and realize that my points were valid and that she should cognite as well, then showing it to her seniors who would, in turn, realize the error of their ways.

Actually, I felt that this write-up should go all the way up the command chart, terminal by terminal cogniting all the way, starting an overall church reform.

Did I really think that this was going to happen? No. But I did know that that was the only way that I was going to stay in support of the church. And that if it did not happen, then I would know with an even greater certainty that this was not a group that I wanted to be part of any longer and that it really was true for me that the church was not interested in real Scientology anymore, even though they thought they were.

What actually did happen when I submitted my write-up and Friends of LRH binder to the HAS?  She immediately “knew” that the claims that were being made against David Miscavige were false.  Her reasoning was that Scientology had helped her in so many ways and had spiritually saved her and that this group was the group that did that saving.  To her, there was no way that the leader of this group could be corrupt.  She refused to look at the possibility.  This was not very surprising though it was very disappointing that a so-called Scientologist could have such fixed ideas.

On the other hand, I must say that she was very respectful.  She did not try to make us wrong and she treated us like people who made their own decisions even though she did not agree with them.

The HAS called the CO OSA East US on the phone. We had some back-and-forth discussion about various things. It was then determined that the CO OSA was going to provide the DSA with “Dead Agent” material about the claims that we had read about. In other words, they were going to assemble documentation which would prove the claims we read about to be false.  It took several days to a couple weeks to get it all together.

In the meantime, I came into the org on my usual post time and studied (not in the courseroom) and sometimes did Mest work.

None of the terminals involved used any force, threats or HE & R. We were treated respectfully. All of them acknowledged the fact that it was our own life and we were free to leave Scientology if that is what we wanted to do. They were going to assemble material that they hoped would get us to see that these claims were unfounded.

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3 thoughts on “What Happened in HCO Chicago

  1. VBMax says:

    Thank you for this writeup. I clicked on your name on Marty’s blog and
    I’m so glad I did. I just completed my treason condition thanks to you
    and the charge just continues to blow off. By the way, I was at Chicago Org ’79-80. Was married to Alice Koenig, a Chicago staff member at that time.

  2. davefagen says:

    VBMax, I’m glad this helped you.


  3. Karen B says:

    Great “full responsibility” viewpoint and handling!

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