What About Expansion Presented at Scientology Events

(Section 5 of Part 2 – Determining the Validity of Internet Data)

Yes, you might say, but what about all those International Events with the announcements of the incredible expansion news and specific accounts of the tech being applied, making impact on huge numbers of people?

Okay, let me start off, on this subject, by saying that I have had very good experiences in applying the tech (when it is applied correctly) and I don’t have any doubt that when it is applied correctly that very good things can occur. So I don’t doubt that there are people doing some very good things with the tech.

I’m not in a position to say that “this happened, this didn’t happen, here’s what’s really happening”, etc. I have briefly seen a few claims that the church events are misleading as to how much of this great stuff is actually going on, but I haven’t done any actual research on this subject. This is not my area of expertise. I never participated in a Volunteer Minister program and I was never in a position to witness, for myself, any of the results of the five “Reshaping the Destiny of Earth” campaigns or what some specific Freedom Medal winners have done. Any good effects being created in this area are being done by caring people who use the tech well.

I am sure that when you see a government official or some other VIP speak on an event video, expressing their wins or the effects that are created by application of the tech, you can tell when someone is not just making it up and insincerely acting out what they are supposed to say just to make it look like something good happened. You can tell when those people are sincere. I have nothing to say to debate that point and I have no desire to.

I do feel, however, that the events tend to present a false impression of the volume of the effects that the Church of Scientology is creating on the world. The things that David Miscavige says at events would make one think that Scientology has gone mainstream and that everywhere you go in the world, millions of people are applying and gaining from the tech.

Again, this is another false report by the leader of the church. I wish it were true, but I don’t think it is.

You can Google some of the subjects, such as the Volunteer Minister program, Narconon, etc., to see how many people in this world are claiming being helped by Scientology programs (and not including websites being put out by the Church of Scientology). I’m sure that if millions of people around the world are benefiting from the church’s programs, some of them will be originating them in websites not of the church’s making. I have searched these subjects and the only information I have seen on the Internet that gives praise to these programs is information put out by the church itself or one of its affiliates.

Now on the subject of stats, I have to also take issue with stats that are presented at events. And I’m bringing it up to point out a few things and to invite you to look at some discrepancies for yourself.

Here are some references concerning which stats are the most important stats:

Orgs have only 2 major valuable, final products. One is trained auditors. The other is satisfied pcs.

“… Tech and Admin policy exist only to assist making these two products IN VOLUME.”

(LRH ED 131 INT Life Repair Block, OEC Vol 4, page 145)

The product of an org is well-taught students and thoroughly audited pcs.”

(HCO PL 17 June 1970RB Technical Degrades, OEC Vol 0, page 18)

The individual statistic of any organization (except SH) is:


The individual statistic of Saint Hill is:

HOW MANY TRAINED AUDITORS ARE THERE IN THE WORLD.” – LRH (HCO PL 4 Oct 1967 I Auditor and Org Individual Stats, OEC Vol 4, page 118)

I don’t recall very much of these stats being announced in any of the events. But there are a lot of other stats being announced at events. Stats such as:

People helped.

Hours on OT projects.

Ideal Org Fundraising

Volunteer Hours in Building Orgs

Population of cities of with new groups

Number of citizens aware of human rights

Shopping Malls playing our Human Rights PSAs

Number of dirt particles removed during film restoration

Number of miles of distraction-free voyages

Number of terabytes of processing memory

Inches of press

Square feet of book cover cloth

Feet of lamination

(This list is a compilation of names of stats gotten from International Scientology News issues 33 through 40 – International Scientology News regularly reviews what is announced at Scientology events.)

These are not the important stats per LRH policy as stated above. But these are the kind of stats given at events and in magazines, or at least they were up to the last event I saw. In my opinion (you can decide for yourself if this is your opinion or not), to give these stats to show expansion of Scientology is a misrepresentation. I want to know how many auditors are being made and how many Clears and OTs are being made. I know that the numbers of these being made in my org was not at all viable. We only made one Class IV auditor and about 3-5 Solo auditors in all the time from when I returned from Flag in 2006 until I left in February of 2010.

I think that the amount of Clears and OTs made at Flag might be something that you could possibly be impressed by. On the other hand, when you compare 5000 or 6000 people on OT VII compared to almost 7,000,000,000 on earth I don’t think that’s so impressive. I don’t have all the current stats. The point I’m making by going over all these stats is that I don’t think that Scientology’s “explosive growth” is something you should take for granted by listening to what is said at events and in magazines. I think they are misleading. If you call yourself a Scientologist, that means you understand and use LRH policy. Part of that is understanding what a statistic is, what it actually represents, which stats are more important than others, how to tell if a stat is true or false and how to use stats to see whether an organization is expanding or not.

So I think that before you give David Miscavige a pass as the leader that you can trust so much that you don’t have to pay attention for yourself (because it is all being taken care of), you should actually observe for yourself whether or not you can verify his claims of explosive growth to be true. Personally, I don’t see that they are and I feel like I’ve been lied to about it for years.

And one more point I want to bring up about lack of expansion. I would think that if Scientology was undergoing “explosive growth”, that there would be some more new orgs popping up in the world. (And I don’t mean just new buildings for orgs that already exist.) I know of one recent new org – Inglewood, California. The last I knew of any other new orgs was when the missions of Los Gatos and Mountain View became orgs. That was sometime in the 1990s I believe. Or maybe it was when the Russian orgs, in Moscow and St Petersburg became orgs. I think that was sometime in the 1990s. So I don’t think there’s been any new org besides Inglewood in at least the last 11 years and I actually think it’s much longer than that but I don’t want to claim that without knowing for sure. Regardless, that’s a long time to go with such few new orgs being established. In the 1960s and 1970s before David Miscavige became the leader, that was when the majority of orgs that exist today were developed. In fact recently, I have been told that CC Portland merged with the Portland Day and Foundation orgs, and that the Puerto Rico org was downgraded to a mission, so if true, that’s actually two less orgs, a down stat.

I recall from going to Scientology events, that most of the so-called expansion being claimed had very little to do with what was actually going on in orgs. Most of it had to do with things that were going on either in far-away lands or in special projects such as prison projects or the Way to Happiness. Like I said, anything that is legitimately going on in those places is great. But it would be impossible for the church to be expanding at the rate that COB claims that it is, without that expansion showing up in orgs. In my org for my last 5 years on staff, I don’t recall ever having more than 110 bodies in the shop in any week and I would say most of the time it was less than 100. That is no more than it was 15 years earlier. So you need to actually look in orgs to see if Scientology is expanding, not just listen to what someone at an event says is happening.

The fact that the church was not only not expanding but that the leader of the church was false reporting this so-called expansion showed me that it was not necessarily true that the former Int management execs who were making claims of violence by David Miscavige were not telling the truth. It was a major contribution to my eventual conclusion that these claims were in fact true and that the church did not deserve my support.

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3 thoughts on “What About Expansion Presented at Scientology Events

  1. Andrey says:

    I’m from Russia and has been in staff for five years. I can say that our mission is to become an organization. They are from all over Russia and Kazakhstan took the trained staff from different missions and for short period of time hiring them in the Moscow mission in order to be by the policy.

  2. An excellent blog, Dave. I saw the same things when I was on staff. In the years I was attached to my org (public and staff), I didn’t see a single Clear made, nor a single Class V auditor. My husband and I have been off-lines for over 20 years, but we’ve monitored the graduates section in the local org mags as well as other org mags we receive. That can be a real eye opener if anyone chooses to look. The numbers just don’t add up.

  3. davefagen says:

    Thanks for the compliment.

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