The Truth Rundown

(Second section of “Determining the Value of Internet Data”)

The Truth Rundown (as used here) is the name of a series of articles and long interviews, on video, conducted by news reporters of the St Petersburg Times. Those interviewed were a panel of former Int Management executices. The interviews were published in late 2009 and Sindy and I read them in February 2010. The names of the former Int execs, whom I considered most impinging, were Marty Rathbun, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins and Steve Hall.

The Truth Rundown was NOT, by far, the only source of information that led to my decision to leave the church, but it was the first. The stories these people had to tell were horrific. They had to do with physical and mental abuses the likes of which you would never, ever, have associated with the church, especially its management. The actions they described and alleged to have been committed by David Miscavige were sadistic, cruel and extremely suppressive.

I have deferred the details of these stories of abuses, that had most influenced me, to the last section of this story. I think the stories are too hard to believe until you get the whole picture of what I had to look at in order to know whether I could believe these stories or not.

I knew that if the stuff that was being said by the former church execs were true, that this organization was not something that I wanted to continue to be part of and support. BUT how was I supposed to know? It was their word against the church’s.

Yes, there was definitely some doubt on my part as to the truth of what they were saying. And maybe you have heard of some of these people and believe they are SPs. That is certainly the church’s claim, or at least that they are all lying.

But consider this: Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Jeff Hawkins and Amy Scobee were all Int Execs, each for (in the area of) 25-30 years. Didn’t you think that the qualifications of being at the Int Base were the most stringent qualifications in terms of ethics record and production record? That was always what I thought. And my understanding was that there were special FPRD lists which they were required to receive before they could be allowed to be posted at Int Management, to handle evil purposes in order to better do their jobs. When two facts contradict each other, the thing to do is find out more about it, not justify it. The church’s claims that these are SPs who never amounted to anything even though they were given 25-30 years worth of chances, does not make sense.

Either it is untrue that Int Management executives, in order to be posted, must have the highest possible ethics standards (with evil purposes addressed and handled), OR it is untrue that these guys were SPs. Or both are untrue. But both of those can’t be true. Either one of them or both must be false.

When something doesn’t make sense, and it’s something that’s important to you, what do you do? Do you believe what you are told? Do you ignore it? No, you find out for yourself. You look into it. I’m not saying that your conclusions need to be the same as mine. I haven’t given you enough information here to prove that COB is an SP or that these former Int execs are telling the truth. All I’m really trying to do, here, is point out some major outpoints and illustrate that it is your responsibility to know what’s going on in your church. When there are outpoints, it is up to you to find out what’s up and, if necessary, take action. Don’t just explain them away.

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3 thoughts on “The Truth Rundown

  1. Sid says:

    I congratulate you on the logic you have used. I hope others in a similar situation will understand and accept the simple truth stated here.

  2. Robert Fried says:

    So 25 years of training destroyed by a person who only worked 2 3 years with the org and has easier time confronting articles on the internet then the job of over reggin people and getting them moving on their bridge or getting the funds for the organization to operate on. I don’t know but to me going spiritually totally free would be more important than some scene in the int management that aint even in my corner of the universe. I would even renounce my mother to get to eternity. Think about it you only forge about 100 years worth of relations with anyone on the whole planet. Is that worth billions of years of losses not to be handled for you just confronting noise in the 100 year window. Pretty dumb if you ask me. But then agin that is just my opinion or 2 cents on things. See I am the one to realize how nuts things can get. I have 2 family members that are as you say nuts. And only through scientology I came to realize this. I always observed them as normal but they are not. And to my detriment I got out of scientology and only feel regret each day for this for I have lost my eternity and wrongfully deemed all the noise in my life more valid then the enormous progress I have made just through the study of such good knowledge. Sad, Just so sad. I hope next life I have a better run at this and perhaps get a better kinship of a supportive family. Thats all I dream for to have a more social family next time around.

  3. davefagen says:


    Here is my analysis of your comment.

    My 25 years of training and experience was not destroyed. I use it successfully in my daily life regularly and I hope to use it more directly in the future. It is still with me and can never be taken away from me. Anyone who wants help with understanding written information can look me up if they want to.

    I don’t understand what you mean by “destroyed by a person who only worked 2 3 years with the org” – who are you referring to that has worked only 2 3 years at the org and how did that person supposedly destroy my training?

    How could you state “over regging” people as something that is their job? The fact that you yourself are calling it “over-” regging, doesn’t that mean that it is being overdone, meaning it is being done excessively or too much? How could it be anyone’s job to do overdo anything?

    Are you referring to me as the person who “has an easier time confronting articles on the internet than the job of over regging people and getting them moving on the bridge or getting funds for the organization to operate on”? If so, what the hell are you talking about? (If you are talking about someone else, please clarify.) If you read my whole blog, you should see that I have illustrated my viewpoint of how the current Church of Scientology, as it is being run, is a scam that is not only NOT accomplishing the job of getting people moving on the bridge, and is using destructive, squirrel methods of raising the funds for the organization to operate on, but the leadership at the top of the “management” structure is NOT EVEN TRYING to create freedom for the individual or “Clear the Planet”.

    Did you read my whole blog? Your comment speaks as if you did not read it. I would think that if you had read it, you would establish agreement or disagreement with what I said, and if you actually do disagree with my viewpoint that the current C of S is a squirrel group who is not even trying to deliver freedom to the individual, that you would address that point by stating why you disagree with it. But instead you write a comment that assumes that the C of S does deliver freedom to the individual, as if I had written nothing in my blog to state my viewpoint that it does not.

    The rest of your comment goes on about how it is more important to obtain the freedom that you say is available from Scientology than it is to pay attention to the “noise” that is “not in your corner of the universe”. Again, from your comment, I can only question as to whether you even read my whole blog.

    Let’s put aside the common dispute about whether the tech of Scientology provides total freedom to the individual and for argument purposes, let’s assume that it does. You seem to be fairly certain that it does, so let’s just assume for argument that Scientology can ultimately provide total freedom to the individual.

    Do you think that the tech is supposed to be applied correctly or is it okay for someone to come along and ignore what the bulletins and policies say and just do it any old way? Do you think that that would provide total freedom to the individual?

    Do you think that forcing people to disconnect from their loved ones who are intimate parts of their dynamics, is going to contribute to their total freedom? I say, if you think that, that you have missed something. Do you really think that such an unethical practice is not going to destroy a person’s case gain?

    Do you really think that you can obtain total freedom when, whenever you get off an overt, it can be used against you to destroy your reputation because you at some later time exercised your personal integrity by speaking out against something you saw that was violating the human rights of the people in your environment? Do you expect me to just be a good boy and get off my overts knowing that someone may later use them to stop me from exercising my integrity?

    Robert, do you really think that, assuming your mother is a good person, that you are going to “get eternity” by renouncing your mother? Would you do that because some arbitrary dictator said he wouldn’t “let you have your eternity” unless you succumbed to his whim that you have to renounce your mother to get eternity? Do you really think that you betraying your mother is NOT going to contribute to the destruction of your “eternity”? Have you ever even read a basic Scientology book? Do you really get what true ethics has to do with case gain? Do you think that auditing is going to “give you your eternity” when you can’t even confront the fact that you betrayed your own mother? Get real.

    Do you really expect me to just go on witnessing all the squirreling, all the horrific abuses that I have mentioned and just let them happen, dismiss them as mere “noise” while I go on wallowing in a sea of out-tech, succumbing to the arbitrary crap that goes on, put my head down pretending I don’t see it, and expect to “get my eternity”? Come on.

    My recommendation to you is that you re-read my blog (including the part title “The Church is Your Only Hope” where it talks about the availability of Scientology outside of the church) and re-read some of the basic information of why and how auditing works and how you can’t just automatically apply some rote procedure without really confronting your mind, and expect to “get eternity”. If you need help grasping any of it, I would be more than happy to use my Supervisor training, which I still very much have, and help you to get it.


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