The First Turning Point – Friends of LRH

(Section 7 of Part 2 – Determining the Validity of Internet Data)

A big change for me occurred when I read a website entitled “Friends of LRH”.  It’s a website detailing major outpoints in the Church of Scientology as it is currently being run.  But it was not about physical beatings, barbed wire fences preventing people from leaving the Int Base, sleep deprivation, inhumane treatment and stuff like that. It was about blatant and glaring violations of LRH tech and policy being done in the church. And I’m not talking about a bunch of people nattering about some minor matters and claiming themselves as victims. I’m talking about church-wide MAJOR shifts in the way things are being done, in the church now, as opposed to what is actually written in the bulletins and policy letters.

If you don’t get anything else about what I am writing here, THIS is the part that I hope you get.  I feel that this is what is most important because,  it is something that YOU can see with your own two eyes.

“Friends of LRH” was definitely a turning point. Forget, for a moment, about the dilemma I was facing about my future in or out of the church and my marriage. This website pointed out things to me that were OBVIOUS if you just READ LRH’s policies and compared them to what was going on. I realized that I had gone into agreement with gross violations of policy that were severely holding down expansion of Scientology.  It became obvious to me that it was not only I who had gone into agreement with them but ALL the staff, ALL the public and ALL of management too. I was floored!

Here is a summary of how “Friends of LRH” helped me take off my blinders to some things:

  1. It showed me the LRH references telling me that the making of auditors was THE most important product of an org, yet that the stats of auditors being made was crashed over the last 20 years and was still crashing. The website showed quite a few sections of org magazines from the 1970s which listed out the completions and they were PACKED with names of people who had completed auditor training courses. And then it showed skimpy lists of completions from magazines of more recent years and most of those completions were of courses other than auditor training courses. (Those lists are real to me. I was a Sup in an org for about 20 years.)  It quoted, verbatim, the policies that were being violated that caused and contributed to this crash. It became plainly obvious to me, as I’d studied all these policies before, that I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER!
  1. It detailed for me a history of arbitraries,  introduced into the training line-up over the years, that impeded the making of auditors in the church. One by one, these arbitraries were added and they contributed to the crash in the most important product that the church should be producing.
  1. It examined some common justifications for the lack of production in the training of auditors and quoted reference after reference that, each on their own, annihilated those justifications — showing them to be totally invalid.
  1. It showed evidence of who the main person was behind the introduction of these arbitraries.  Though this may be hard to swallow, the writers of this website made a very solid case for that person being David Miscavige himself.

You may be thinking, “Yes, the intention of that website must have been to dupe people who are in favor of LRH tech and policy,  into thinking that the church does not apply LRH so that more and more people can be convinced to leave the church, so that they can destroy Scientology.”  Well,  if you do think that, all I can say is that until you read it yourself (without a biased viewpoint) you won’t be able to make an honest judgment for yourself.

“Friends of LRH” was my first step on the road to being able to see for myself, what was going on in the church. The stuff in The Truth Rundown was stuff I couldn’t see for myself. The stuff in “Friends of LRH” was something that I could TOTALLY see for myself. For example, I knew we were not making auditors, I knew that auditor training was virtually replaced by the Basics courses being done in the Academies.  I had read the policy letters and could compare the actual scene with the way the policy letters said things were supposed to be.  How would I know if  The Truth Rundown stories were true or not, if the alleged abuses were not committed in a location where I could see them for myself? Also, I was still suspicious of people claiming evil doings from the church, because I thought they could just be saying those things in order to destroy Scientology. “Friends of LRH” was the first missing link. “Friends of LRH” made The Truth Rundown more believable because “Friends of LRH” showed me that the utter disregard for LRH tech and policy had to be the result of a Suppressive Person at work. And obviously, even though I hadn’t been sure of the authenticity of the data spoken in The Truth Rundown, I had known that if it were true, then that would be the work of a Suppressive Person as well. So the obvious truth of “Friends of LRH” served to bring me to see the probable truth in what was reported in The Truth Rundown.

But regardless of the Truth Rundown, whether or not “Friends of LRH” makes the Truth Rundown more believable to you, “Friends of LRH” stands on its own as evidence that there is something VERY wrong going on in your church, which you have been overlooking.

If you can bring yourself to do it, I highly recommend that you read the entirety of “Friends of LRH”. There is nothing in there that says anything that you can’t see for yourself or that you can’t easily check the validity of.

Next…More Missing Links Found

2 thoughts on “The First Turning Point – Friends of LRH

  1. Looking 4 Myself says:

    When I had become thoroughly disgusted with my Bridge progress and decided to stop blaming myself solely for it, I didn’t know where to turn to get another viewpoint on what I felt was wrong with the church or even where to go to get viewpoints of other Scientologists that weren’t buying the official dogma of the Church.
    While I was a member of the church, I was never warned not to go “looking” at entheta on the internet. But my own personal opinion was that if I was going to look at critical opinions of the Church, it was going to be opinions of people who had been more than a fleeting member who did a Comm course or who had bought a book once.
    So I Googled Anti-Scientology and after reading through several search pages the website that stood out to me to be the most objective about church misgivings was…….Friends of LRH.
    At first visit, the data there was hard for me to confront. But I couldn’t help but feel there was truth there as to the claims being made, especially ones that I had some reality on that had been bothering me.
    What really made me feel that there was truth there was the fact that everything that was pointed up as an outpoint was liberally documented with HCOB’s, HCOPL’s, official Church magazines from the past for comparison purposes, etc. that anyone could find and read on their own instead of hearsay.
    That site was the beginning of my journey to evaluating what was wrong with the Church for myself.

  2. davefagen says:

    My opinion: “Friends of LRH” is king.

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