The End Phenomena of My “Dead Agent” Handling

(Section 24 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

So once again we have, to my amazement in a seemingly never-ending stream, another instance of ignoring LRH policy:

PR, dedicated to a false reality of lies, then becomes low A, low C and recoils on the user.

So the first lesson we can learn that enables us to use PR safely is to KEEP A HIGHER R.

The more you use lies in PR the more likely it is that the PR will recoil.

Thus the law:

NEVER USE LIES IN PR.” (LRH – HCO PL 13 Aug 70 II, PR Series 2, The Missing Ingredient)

I was getting to the point where I no longer believed a word that any spokesman for the church said. Not that it was completely impossible for an ounce of truth to ever emanate from the mouth or pen of a church spokesman but I knew that I could not trust the church’s word concerning its guilt or innocence on any matter.

The prevailing method of the church, as I was now seeing, in defending themselves is to categorically deny every single claim that is made against them, and to call the claimants liars. No actual evidence, no attempt to get into communication and develop understanding, NEVER an admittance that the church is ever guilty of the slightest wrongdoing; it’s always the other guy.

I want to make a point perfectly clear here. There are not just a few bad apples making claims against COB and the church. There are many hundreds, even thousands of them and they are from people who were in the church for decades, most of them Sea Org members. I will go over the ones that influenced me the most later. But it’s not just Marty Rathbun and a few others.  There’s no way that all these people are just making this up, there are way too many of them.

If you think this is a generality, well, I will give you some of the specifics later (from the ones that I read at the time) that prompted me to make my decision to leave.  You can always look for yourself and make your own observations of evidence without just pointing the finger at me for being too general. If this were just a few people making these claims and if I could see that COB and the church had a track record of following tech and policy, and if I could actually see the “explosive growth” that COB claims he has been the cause of, and if I didn’t see him trying to use a bunch of glib PR to cover up his abysmal stats, then I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about what Marty Rathbun and a few others had to say about anything!

Besides I think that all this will remain a generality for anyone who refuses to know for themselves, no matter how many specifics I or anyone else tries to give them. So before you accuse me of giving generalities, I want to say that if you don’t look for yourself, you will have nothing but generalities anyway, no matter what I say.

Somewhere along the line, the church needs to take responsibility for these claims. I’ve seen none. It’s just a constant barrage of “He’s a liar, she’s a liar, deny, deny, deny.” And all the while it is the church that I see lying. And to add to lies, it viciously berates its critics by Black PRing them, including people who gave up a lot personally, as I’m sure you have reality on, to service the church and the Sea Org for many, many years.

On the last day of my “Dead Agent” handling, I was shown a packet of data that was supposed to counter the claims that some former Sea Org members were making of being mistreated such as enforced abortions, being forced to remain in horribly disgusting, degrading conditions in the RPF and other forms of punishment, never being permitted to see their family for years and years, and general suppressive actions inflicted on them by David Miscavige.

I don’t remember everything that was on there but a few things stand out. The main problem with what they were showing me was that they did not document any supposed falsity of the claims that were being made. They were only copies of written policies about how it’s SUPPOSED TO go in the Sea Org but they did nothing to counter what I had found out was actually being done in practice. For example, one document might have said that Sea Org members get three weeks leave a year. Well, I had known for years that Sea Org members were SUPPOSED TO get three weeks leave a year. That doesn’t mean that they always or regularly do.

There definitely was a document that said that if a woman in the Sea Org got pregnant, then she could keep her baby and route out of the Sea Org so that she could raise her baby. I already knew that that was what was SUPPOSED TO happen (and I have known Sea Org members who routed out because of having a baby). It did nothing to prove that women weren’t forced to have abortions at the Int base.

If I remember correctly, there was a document that said that the purpose of the RPF was to rehabilitate the person by taking him off the pressure of his post and get extroverted by doing mest work and get five hours a day of study and co-auditing so that when he finishes his program, he is in much better shape and will be much more happy and effective on his post in the future. I had always known that that is what was SUPPOSED TO happen but it did nothing to prove any falsity of the claims of the existence of the most degrading conditions imaginable at the Int RPF – claims that were being made by at least HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of people!

Stuff like that. It proved ineffective in getting me to “see” that the multitudes of claims of crimes against humanity that were being inflicted on Sea Org members were all a bunch of lies like these “dead agent” packs were supposed to do.

And then there were the affidavits. I read several affidavits, written by current Int Management staff stating how much of a great leader David Miscavige was, how much of a pleasure it was to work for him and with him, how all the people who were saying bad things about him were lying and that the accusers were actually the perpetrators of the crimes and that’s why they got kicked out and how incredibly competent David Miscavige was and has caused so much good for all in Scientology.

These affidavits (along with the statements of Sea Org rules that I mentioned above such as staff leaves of absence, the RPF, etc) were the ONLY parts of the “Dead Agent Handling” where there was an actual attempt to do a standard Dead Agent Handling by trying to prove the former Int execs’ statements false as opposed to just assaulting the character of the people making the statements.

I had seen the affidavit in the “Freedom” mag that Marty Rathbun had written  many years before he left the Int base, saying that he screwed up so many times and cost the church millions of dollars and that David Miscavige was the one who always stepped in and fixed his screw-ups and that Miscavige was the driving force behind the great expansion of Scientology. In my research, I saw that some former Int Management staff had said that it was a common occurrence for Int staff to be coerced into writing such affidavits so that in the future, if they would ever blow the whistle on him, then they could use this signed affidavit in order to counter the claims that were currently being made.

So, for me, in all of these “dead agent materials”, in having to figure out which side I believed, which one do you think I now believed?

How many lies have I pointed out to you in this writing so far? And how much venom and irresponsibility did I see coming from the church?

So black propaganda is not something someone lightly instigates. For it recoils on the person who uses it.

Let us see how it recoils.

Too much venom put out stains one with venom.

Too much black propaganda gets attacks in return.

Black propaganda is essentially a fabric of lies. The AMA simply imagines stories to put out or have put out.

Sooner or later such stories are found out not to be true. ONE false story can destroy the credit of the teller. NOW who listens?” (LRH – HCO PL 21 Nov 72, PR Series 18, How to Handle Black Propaganda)

And that is exactly what happened with me. Too many lies, too much venom put out against its whistleblowers, too little responsibility taken for their communication lines and I reached a point where I believed nothing that the church said.

The last affidavit I read was one by Russ Bellin, an exec at International Management, where he made the typical claim about how great a leader David Miscavige was and how much of a privilege it was to work under him.

And as I was reading, that is when I realized that I didn’t believe one word of what Russ Bellin was saying, and not only that, that there was no longer anything the church could say that was going to get me to decide to continue to support it any longer. The church had become my “Dead Agent”. Remember what happens when someone is “Dead Agented.”:

The ‘dead agent caper’ was used to disprove the lies. This consisted of counter-documenting any areas where the lies were circulated. The lie ‘they were…’ is countered by a document showing ‘they were not.’ This causes the source of the lie and any other statements from that source to be discarded.” (LRH – HCO PL 11 May 71 Black PR)

And that is what had happened. I had seen the church’s lying, not just one lie but many, and now I wanted to discard any other statements from that source.

The “Dead Agent” handling had achieved its purpose but in reverse to the way that OSA had intended.

At that point, I knew it was over. I didn’t need to see anything else. I was done with this “Dead Agent” handling and I was done with the Church of Scientology.

As a matter of interest, it was about six months later when I was told that Russ Bellin had attempted to blow the Int base but he got “caught”.

Next…Comments about the Church’s Methods of Handling Those who Speak out Against It

One thought on “The End Phenomena of My “Dead Agent” Handling

  1. The Oracle says:

    Great quotes and we have seen the damage come to pass.

    Again, Miscavige did it “his way”. And Frank Sinatra he ain’t. He clearly has no regard for Green on White, Blue on white, or red on white.

    He has created the NEED for the Independent Movement.

    He is just standing in our way and we are beeping our horns.

    He cannot lead, follow, OR get out of the way!

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