The DSA’s Rationale for 6-Month “Refreshers”

(Section 13 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

For the purpose of showing another aspect of why I left the church, I am going to explain what happened when I told the DSA, who was doing my handling (and who had just recently finished OT VIII), that six-month Sec Checks for OT VIIs were violations of LRH tech.

Her first response was for her to say that she had a reference, which she would be show me later on, that explained why these mandatory Sec Checks were necessary and why they did not violate the tech.

But she said that it wasn’t written by LRH.  I said I wasn’t interested.  The fact that she was willing to accept a non-LRH reference as a guide on how to conduct the tech was one more bad indicator.

At a later meeting when the subject of OT VII Sec Checks came up, she said that the reason why the Sec Checks did not violate the HCOB (quoted above) was because the Sec Checks were not auditing, they were HCO Confessionals.  The auditor says, “I’m not auditing you” at the beginning of the session.

I’ll repeat one of the sentences of the reference I quoted above: “Pre-OTs progressing well in the No-Interference Area should not be interfered with by Sec Checking or anything else.” I’ll leave that up to you as to whether or not this sentence says something that could be interpreted as “…unless the Sec Checking is an HCO Confessional.”

Also, from another bulletin:

The usual circumstances under which an HCO Confessional is done are that the person is already undergoing a Comm Ev or other ethics investigatory action or is working through lower ethics conditions, and the Ethics Officer has requested that the C/S order an HCO Confessional done. Overts and out-ethics disclosed in such a Confessional are reported to HCO in Knowledge Reports and can be acted on by the Ethics Officer.” – LRH (HCO PL 7 Jan 85 HCO Confessionals, OEC Vol 4, page 995)

I think that anyone that says that it is okay for ALL people on OT VII to receive regular Sec Checking every six months, after reading the above HCOBs, is just being completely “reasonable” because they can’t confront the fact that what they’ve invested so much time, money and dedication to, has no regard for the tech and is utterly scamming its public.

Sorry if that’s insulting but that’s how I feel.  I used to not be able to see it too.  I challenge you to really confront what is going on here!  It’s right there in red on white.

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2 thoughts on “The DSA’s Rationale for 6-Month “Refreshers”

  1. The Oracle says:

    This illustrates the willingness of people to think with policies that are not Hubbard’s and are not Scientology. The top of the bridge under David Miscavige is NOT a Scientology experience. The red on white is not consulted and people are operating off of policies not even written by Hubbard. They are just calling it Scientology. Anyone who points it out is hit and hit hard.

  2. Richard Royce says:

    Here’s the logic. David Misgavage is Scientology. What ever is his intention is Command Intention. Violation of command Intention is an attack on Scientology!

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