Steve Hall

Section 2 of Part 8 – Abuses and Outright Cruelty

Interspersed within all the incidences I have read or heard about of violence and severe spiritual abuse on the Int base, I also got stories of how, as a manager, David Miscavige is very incompetent.  Steve Hall has said more than a few things to educate me on what it is really like to work directly under him.

Steve Hall worked for a time, as a script writer, in Cine — the division at Int having to do with making films for Scientology.  Mainly, they worked on writing scripts for Int Management events, and also they worked on Scientology films and other things.  He described the way Miscavige had things set up that made it almost impossible to produce anything.

The way he had it set up, for any script to be approved, it had to go from the writer, then to the Art Department, then the Special Effects Department, then the Director, then Editing, then the Cine Secretary all to be coordinated.  Then it had to be approved by someone in the Exec Strata, then the Watchdog Committee, then CO CMO Int, then COB’s Communicator, then COB.  If COB found any littlest thing wrong with it in his eyes, he would absolutely slaughter anyone underneath him for approving it and sending it on to him.  They were under tremendous pressure to “find something wrong” with the script.

So now every script that was written would have all kinds of arbitrary rejections.  When someone, for example, who had rejected something before would now approve the changes that were made, then the next person up the line would be so afraid to approve anything that they would now reject it and send it back to be re-done, and it kept going on and on and on.  Even if one somehow managed to get it through the first four people, the fifth would reject it.  When it finally gets to the top, it sits in a basket for weeks or months on end.

And that is only one example of an area in the sequence of getting a film of some kind being produced that puts endless arbitrary stops on the line.

And then when COB, after making it impossible to get a product, finally wakes up to the fact that it isn’t getting done, he blames it on his juniors and says that they are all doing it on purpose in an effort to stop him and stop Scientology.  Then come the public humiliations and the physical violence and the threats of declare and offload.  Then he claims that he is the only one who can ever get anything done and everyone else is suppressive and totally incompetent.

In another period of time, Steve was in charge of getting the people to come into orgs through the Dianetics Route, that is, getting people who had read Book 1 to come into the orgs, receive and audit their Dianetics and then move on up the Bridge.

People who would read Book 1 in those days would send in “More Information Cards” or MIC cards.  According to Steve (and I remember this being the case as well), there were tons of these being sent in to management headquarters.  He set up a system where he and a few others were sending out personalized letters to names and addresses on computerized lists of names that were compiled from orgs.  People started coming into orgs as a result of these letters and the stats of people onto the Dianetics route was rising significantly. (I can vouch for this. I remember many people coming into our org from those MIC cards, far more than the amount of new people I had observed coming into the org in my later years.)

When the new project began to run low on money Steve asked for a small amount, about $3000, as all it required was some paper, some envelopes and some stamps.  David Miscavige kept rejecting it because it wasn’t “big think” enough.  It was already producing many times the amount of inflow to orgs as any other marketing area was producing.

What was COB’s “Big Think” solution?  To pay hundreds of thousands of dollars so that Dianetics could sponsor the Goodwill Games, and this never got anyone into orgs, while these mountains of MIC cards just piled up and gathered dust. (By the time I had left the church I hadn’t seen use of these cards or anything else used anywhere near as effective as these cards had been.)

Then when Steve took it on himself to protest this idiocy, he got assigned to the RPF.  No justice actions, nothing.  The only thing he was guilty of was disagreeing with COB’s ineffective dissemination that replaced effective dissemination.

My understanding of the RPF was that it was supposed to be a chance for a Sea Org member to extrovert by doing Mest-work and by getting training and auditing to put him into a better condition in which to produce with high morale.

Steve Hall says that he did do auditing when on the RPF and he did get case gain.  On the other hand there were some horrible things about it which nobody deserves who has given up everything in their life to deliver and expand Scientology full time.

He says the RPF would take a few weeks when LRH was around, but since then David Miscavige has added so many arbitrary requirements that some people are on it for 5 years or more!  That means if you are married, that you do not see your spouse for 5 years or however long you are on it!  Instead you sleep in a grubby dorm on an old mattress and a borrowed sheet with hundreds of other people.

He would write to his wife every night but the letters would just pile up unopened because as a staff member at the Int base, his wife was always too busy, always working on an emergency basis, never getting anywhere near enough sleep and thus being exhausted and wouldn’t have time to read any letters.

On a related note, I don’t know whether Steve was in the RPF or not when this happened, but Steve’s wife was convinced to have an abortion when he DIDN’T EVEN KNOW SHE WAS PREGNANT!  The abortion occurred not only without his consent but without even knowing it was a possibility!  This story in particular disgusted me.  But that was the way it was in the Sea Org.  You can’t have kids and remain in the Sea Org, so what’s the solution?  Oh, that’s easy just demand that she get rid of her baby! And don’t even let her let the husband know, it’s none of his business!

I read and listened to quite a few heartbreaking stories by women who had become pregnant in the Sea Org and were coerced to have abortions and they were just crushed about it!  This is not the way to go about bringing about a free state of mind in society, by forcing people to do that kind of thing.

To summarize Steve’s description of life at the Int base:

Anyway, being at Int is like being pinned down in the thick of war.  Bullets and bombs in the form of ethics, ethics, ethics raining down.  Condition assignments, group confessions, justice actions convened, demotions, screaming fits, physical confrontations, harsh reprimands, continual sleep deprivation, people getting blown to bits all around you.  But the entire war is contrived by David Miscavige to pin those staff down.  They have no time for themselves nor for any activity except the group.  This is so true that if someone (especially an MAA) were caught reading a letter on post from an RPFer, never mind that it was their spouse, they would be reprimanded.”

Steve described a time at a meeting where Miscavige walked behind Marc Yager and Guillaume Lesevre, who were sitting next to each other at a conference table, and without warning he grabbed both their heads, smashed them together and ground their heads together so hard that his own hands were shaking.

I don’t recall seeing any accounts from Steve about physically being beaten himself; but his accounts of what he experienced at the Int Base, though it was hard to believe at first, did start to make things make sense about why our lives on staff, even though it was not as bad as he described the way things were at the Int base, were so God-awful difficult. Int Management (so-called) had become a total joke in terms of competent leadership for an international organization. No wonder we worked like dogs and never seemed to make anywhere near the progress we had hoped to make for all these years!

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2 thoughts on “Steve Hall

  1. Thoughtful says:

    Hi Dave, This is a great summary and accurate. Very well done my friend. And very well done on having the courage to speak out against the insanity, cruelty and abuse of DM and his supporters. You are helping in a very big way to keep Scientology working.

  2. davefagen says:


    I can’t say enough about how your site helped me when I needed it. I was glued to it for months. I couldn’t get enough of it. It’s a treasure of information and I’m very proud to now be part of it. Thank you for adding my story to your site.


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