Out-Tech in the Church – Section 2

Section 2 of Part 7 – Out-Tech in the Church

I talked to a friend of mine who is a former Sea Org member who has since left not just the Sea Org, but she has left the church.  She worked in the Department of Training at Flag and when public who were on metering would originate that they couldn’t agree with certain things such as what an instant read and an F/N looks like, and they would show her LRH references supporting this lack of acceptance, she would totally see their point and she would not be able to reconcile for them how the false standard these students were having enforced on them was actually correct, because she knew it was not correct.  But she couldn’t say to these students that they were right, even though she knew they were right, because what was being enforced on them by higher-up terminals was different.

How can you train someone under those circumstances? You can’t.

She was on one of her Academy Levels, as a student herself, and she got very high pressure to complete (this was at Flag) and she knew she didn’t feel confident in auditing on the level she was on.  She maneuvered to change to a different pc in order to finish her course and broke the auditor’s code on her pc, at the behest of the Supervisors.

The fact that she was just as guilty as everyone else for quickying her course and violating the auditor’s code does not lessen in any way the point I am making about the trend of gross out-tech in the church.  The fact that things like this could be allowed to happen at “The Mecca of Technical Perfection”, to me, that is a sign that the church has gone squirrel.  Maybe these individual incidences I am giving here do not prove that the church has gone squirrel.  I may not be giving you enough stories here to prove that but, I have read many many other accounts of such things and I don’t have time to write all of them.  Of course I have my own experiences.  The point I’m making is that if you are ignoring or are otherwise unaware of the extent of this kind of thing, you have a responsibility to find out.   If you can’t get the information from church terminals you still need to find out.

Introverted and ill, having had very little sleep, very keyed-in, this same person was being held in Ethics without even being told why, being yelled at and screamed at being told she was an SP, and nobody had even told her what they thought she had done wrong.  She was being shouted at with listing questions – “What is your crime?” etc.  She had originated to the C/S that she wanted to get her case straightened out, and instead of help (she also said that her stats were up) she received loud, violent accusations.  No correction lists, no PAB 6 handling (look up PAB 6 in the Tech Vols if you don’t know what that is) but more like: “We’re going to find your crimes!”

There are so so so many other stories like this written by former members of the church.  Read them if you have the courage to do so.  It only hurts for a while and it could be a great relief to realize that you are not alone if you have similar stories and wondered what the hell was going on!

Here’s another story of someone I met who told me about her AOLA and Flag auditing experience: After the money she had paid for OT IV and V was used up on other actions, she was told she needed 5 intensives for a special auditing action, though they couldn’t tell her what that auditing action was (still she was not going to get OT IV and V).  She managed to get the money to pay for this.

In her first session of this so-called special auditing action, she was told that she was not Clear.  Now she had originally originated being Clear in 1989 and this origination had been ignored for over 10 years and she had found it impossible to stay in session over the by-passed charge of having someone attempt to audit her on the Grades while her Clear origination was being ignored.  (So no auditing for 10 years.)  Then when she finally was allowed to just do her CCRD and attest to Clear, she was doing fine, but now when she wanted to do OT IV and V, she was told she was not Clear and the auditor immediately started to audit NED on her.

She says that this NED auditing (while she was Clear) was the worst auditing she ever had in her whole life.  Now, I’m not trained to know when someone is Clear or not Clear.  Even if I was, I wouldn’t be able to tell you any technical reasons why I thought this particular person was Clear or not Clear, but I do know the dangers and horrors about auditing a pc over a protest of this magnitude.  It should be obvious, especially to an AOLA C/S , that something is wrong here and one just doesn’t continue to try to audit someone in this state without fixing it but, that is what happened.

Then on top of that, during that NED auditing, the auditor was using Sec Checker beingness (thorough, swinish suspicion – during NED, mind you!), looking for withholds she did not have, being pounded by the same missed withhold ruds over and over, auditors and examiners staring at her needle waiting for it to float thus causing a dirty needle, which in turn made them think they had to pummel her with more withhold pulling, adding more bypassed charge every step of the way.

Finally, they ended off on this action when the end result came up that she was Clear, and the cognition she gave that convinced them that she was Clear WAS THE SAME COGNITION SHE ORIGINALLY GAVE WHEN SHE FIRST ATTESTED TO CLEAR!

So when she went to Flag after finally being permitted to do OT IV and V, she says that it was a torturous grind because of endless rudiments and looking for stuff that wasn’t there, constant overrun.  The auditor wouldn’t even accept overts of omission and instead would ask for prior overts of commission, ignoring the charged overt chain and taking up an uncharged chain, which of course led to more overrun and more grind.

She spent two days on ONE End Rudiments question with the auditor asking the same question over and over until she was sobbing and begging to stop. When she finally got it to F/N after a correction list, she was made to continue with the same torture the next day because there was “something wrong with the F/N at the examiner.”

When she finally did somehow finish OT V, afterward she was told she would need 5 repair intensives.  She was told that this was because it was reasoned that since her husband had gone out-2D that her OT V must be messed up! (What?!)

This is just too much.  I thought Flag was supposed to be the “Mecca of Technical Perfection” and I had always thought that you could never ever have such an experience at Flag.  Now I was hearing more and more stories of such OBVIOUS out-tech on such BASIC auditing tech (I am totally untrained on delivery of OT levels and NOTs, etc, but we are talking about things like evaluation, invalidation, forcing a pc, overrunning, TRs, metering – stuff that any decently trained auditor at any level knows) that I realized that something was EXTREMELY wrong tech-wise in the church.

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4 thoughts on “Out-Tech in the Church – Section 2

  1. Seeker says:

    Shocking isn’t it? And RTC Reps scurrying all about the place instilling fear & dread, A-Mazing!

  2. The Oracle says:

    Wanna know what is coming out Flag as a product these days?

    Meet John Allender OT8:

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have had similar experiences at Flag.

  4. out-a-there says:

    Me too.
    I feel so lucky I got thru OT 4 before LRH dropped his body.

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