Out-Tech in the Church – Section 1

Section 1 of Part 7 – Out-Tech in the Church

I had no idea how bad it was.  All along, I should have looked, because I was not witnessing any expansion to speak of.

As I said earlier, the HAS claimed that the lack of expansion was being caused by SPs outside of the church who she said were being very effective in making people think bad things about it.  She even joined the Sea Org after our cycle because she thought that she needed to contribute even more after seeing the effects that she thought these so-called SPs were having.

The church’s bad reputation, lack of expansion and exodus of dissatisfied people are NOT being caused externally and if you say you are all for what LRH says, then I suggest you take a look at what he says about this:

If you can’t get the technology applied then you can’t deliver what’s promised. It’s as simple as that. If you can get the technology applied you can deliver what’s promised.

The only thing you can be upbraided for by students or pcs is “no results.” Attacks from governments occur only where there are “no results” or “bad results.” – LRH (HCO PL 7 Feb 65 Keeping Scientology Working)

So the ogre which might eat us up is not the government or the High Priests. It’s our possible failure to retain and practice our technology.” – LRH (HCO PL 7 Feb 65 Keeping Scientology Working)

One can always assume, when policy is available, that nonexpansion is the direct result of the policy remaining unknown or not followed.” – LRH (HCO PL 13 Mar 65 III The Structure of Organization – What is Policy? OEC Vol 0, page 28)

I’ve learned this over the years: The entirety of our stats are internally caused. WE CAN CAUSE STATS AT WILL. External actions don’t affect them.

A newspaper can write reams of entheta and it doesn’t affect our stats at all. We get good publicity – it doesn’t affect our stats. It’s totally internal.

The public demand is apparently exactly as great as we put the wherewithal in their hands with which to demand – apparently exactly proportional. You get as great a response as you require.

Therefore, the more efficient your org is, the greater response you will get. It’s that elementary.” LRH – (HCO PL 18 Mar 77RA, Data Series 43, Evaluation and Programs, Management Series Vol 1, page 624)

If tech and org integrity and service are good, you get an expansion. More and knowledgeable people in the field stimulate more and more new people who then are routed to the HCO ES, etc. Around and around.

The cycle is only interrupted by inattentive or poor service resulting in ARC breaks in the field which if not handled end expansion. Even the attacks of competitors and the press have never stopped this circle. Only inattentive service or staff inattentive to functions or poor service halts. AN ORG THAT BELIEVES ANYTHING ELSE IS DELUDING ITSELF. Thus organization and function is everything.” – LRH (LRH ED 49RA INT, Organization Program No. 1, OEC Vol 7, page 277)

Take Jason Beghe, for example. In case you don’t know who Jason Beghe is, he is a professional actor who was a Scientologist in the church since some time in the 1990s and now he is a renowned outspoken critic of the church.  I remember him giving his wins on one of his Ls on video and he was totally blown out.  He was absolutely rave about it.  Then later (I had not left the church up to that time) I had found out he was a critic and I wondered what could have possibly turned him into an “SP” after such wins.

Well, in the course of my decision-making process of whether or not I was going to continue to give the church my support, I actually listened to his viewpoint on the whole thing and you know what I found?  The main gist that I got out of his interview was that he was subject to an absolute sea of out-tech.  I felt like this guy was just getting butchered!  He was on his OT levels and he was not happy with his auditing, he’d originate how he felt, his folder would go to enough different terminals to delay his next session for a month and make him wonder why it was all so complicated to such supposedly highly trained tech terminals (like “don’t they know what they’re doing?”).

He described situations of evaluation and errors and promises that, “it would now be done correctly”.  He told of having to pay for more auditing to correct the previous bad auditing that he had and how we would go on hoping (“Let’s try this” and “Let’s try that”).  He said the more auditing he got the worse he felt!  He never did get back to winning.  He just felt like garbage and needed to get the hell out of there!

Now, I can’t speak for Jason Beghe as to all his personal reasons for why he left the church and I don’t think he would say that he left only because he was audited incorrectly but, what about the old “if it isn’t working it’s being done wrong”, which is the standard concept that we all are trained to believe per KSW?  For someone to just brush off Jason Beghe by labeling him “an SP who’s critical of Scientology” or “he’s PTS” without actually FINDING OUT WHAT HAPPENED – you’re just contributing to the destruction of anything that was ever good in the subject.  Jason Beghe is only one example of the horrible trend of out-tech that has gone on and as long as people fail to confront what is really happening, there’s just going to be failure after failure after failure.

Additionally, please don’t even try to pawn Jason Beghe’s story off as merely a result of his overts.  When one gets abused with the out-tech on the high levels of auditing that he was getting and it goes on for years, I am sure that it’s like being spiritually beaten on the head with a two-by-four.  I have no doubt that if that would have happened to me, I would have decided to just walk away, as anything is better than that.

Besides we’re supposed to have the tech of handling overts so that’s not an excuse.   Before you say “he couldn’t make case gain because he’s an SP”, first you have to look at whether the auditing he got was standard.  If a person is being squirreled on and he doesn’t make case gain, it’s not necessarily because he’s an SP, it could just be because he’s being squirreled on.

What I’m doing in this section is I’m trying to give you a glimpse of some of the things that I was finding out as I was going through the process of working out whether my future was going to continue to be in support of Scientology or not.  I am tech-trained to a decent degree and out-tech was the most real factor for me in making my decision.  That, and the fact of the church’s inability to correct this out-tech.

Here’s another example.  A guy named Tiziano Lugli told his out-tech story, which occurred at a combination of three orgs: Flag, CC Int and AOLA.  His story consisted of repeated invalidations of the state of Clear; getting, and having to pay for, a tailor-made Sec Check because one of his previous auditors had gotten declared; being forced to attest to a non-standard action “The State of Clear Certified”, an action that he didn’t need as he already had attested to Clear, and then when he refused to attest he was threatened with Ethics actions until he did attest; a couple years later getting a “Non-Clear R Factor” then when he got upset about it his “Non-Clear R Factor” was suspended, meaning to him that he was being told that he was both Not Clear and Not Not Clear; a handling for his upset about the invalidation of Clear being more Sec Checking which consisted of many invalidations and Auditor’s Code Breaks; and then after being fed up and deciding to leave the Church because of its incessant out-tech, having org terminals reveal confidential session data of his to members of his family in order to try to discredit him!

By the way, I’m sure that if you were to mention any of the people that I’m mentioning here to someone in the Office of Special Affairs who you were communicating your concerns to, that they would have a story ready of how each of them had wronged the church and other people in the church and thus how suppressive they are.  I think that you should read these things (except for confidential case data, which I’m sure there is a good possibility of existing in OSA’s information packs about these people).  I also recommend that you evaluate them correctly, looking for any outpoints in the data.  Judge for yourself whether or not what you are told about these people makes sense.  Make sure you look at all possible viewpoints.  Brush aside all bias and rumor.  That’s my suggestion.

Then there’s the Lisa McPherson story, something I found out after I left the church that I had been lied to about while I was still in the church.  This woman died from out-tech at the Flag Service Organization.  She was acting Type III (after COB had ordered that she be sent to attest to Clear) and, according to a Class XII, now no longer in the church, she was uttering non-sequitur phrases that show unflat Ls processes.  She did not get a standard Type III handling but was put in a closed room with many people going in and out and a lot of noise and randomity – exactly the opposite of what a Type III handling is supposed to be like.  She was denied proper medical care – also the opposite of a standard Type III handling.  By the time someone did finally decide to take her to a hospital, it was too late – she died on the way there.

And you know who decided it was okay for him to take over the C/Sing of this case even though he was not trained to do so and had no valid certificates – David Miscavige.  This one incident has caused more trouble for the church, as far as I know, than any other.  You have a right and responsibility to find out who is screwing it up.

I know I haven’t given enough details here about Lisa McPherson but it’s too serious to ignore.  Too many deaths, too many failed cases.  Get up some courage, if you haven’t already, stop justifying it if you are, and find out what happened.

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  1. The Oracle says:

    Unhappy customers do not endorse products.

    DM takes it personally when it is not. You can not expect people to endorse situations they can’t think with anymore.

    Some people just can not find it comfy down in the enforce band of the CDEI scale.

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