My Side of the Story – Introduction

Why would a well respected, reputable and dedicated staff member of 25 years, one who had built a reputation of standard tech delivery to others, suddenly be gone from the organization and then declared? How could such a thing happen?

If you knew me as a staff member in the Chicago Church of Scientology, this is addressed especially to you. I think that you should have my side of the story. If you agree, and would like to dispel any mysteries that were foisted upon you due to my leaving the church and being declared, then read on.

I may write some things that you don’t want to read and though I will be sharing my own viewpoint, I promise I will be as objective as possible.

I don’t claim to be perfect. I have made many errors in my time, some of them major. But I’ve always striven to correct myself. I feel that overall, I have been pretty successful in doing so.

I was shocked to find out what I have discovered about the organization I’ve been a part of for so long. But as I researched it, I was able to work through my doubts and uncertainties.

You are most likely not happy that I left the church. You may not agree with what I have to say here. That’s okay. My objective, here, is not to prove anything to you, neither about the current state of the church, its leader, or the rightness of my departure. I can only hope that what I say can at least get you to see that your observation (as was mine) has been limited and that, like me, you could stand to look at more than you’ve been looking at.

There is no substitute for your own observations and understandings. I don’t expect you to believe anything simply because I say it. I write this because I strongly feel, that as members of the church (you as a current member, myself a former member) we have had an inability to see past some powerful fixed ideas. This inability has made it impossible to accurately observe what is taking place and to then enable us to fully take responsibility for the church. I feel very strongly that the purposes that you and I had for joining the church are being severely betrayed and that this betrayal is not obvious.

But really, once one stops simply taking for granted that all is as it should be, it doesn’t take much to see that all is not what it has appeared to be. Once you allow yourself to look a little more, it can become pretty obvious.

Before we go any further, I feel the need to say something important about your continuing ability to read the rest of this piece.

You shouldn’t be worried about how you may be affected by something I or anyone else says to you. You have the power to accept or reject what anyone says. You can duplicate, you can understand and you can judge for yourself. What you can’t do, however, is take full responsibility for something which you refuse to learn about. You are totally capable of studying information that has been offered while, at the same time, using your own reasoning powers to accept or reject it as you see fit.

I hope to promote justice as best I can by giving you my viewpoint, a viewpoint that you are totally free to disagree with, and also to make an attempt to get you to see that you are free and able to look at things for yourself without any personal harm.

Next…How I Started to Change My Viewpoint

6 thoughts on “My Side of the Story – Introduction

  1. The Oracle says:

    Your viewpoint is as valid as anyone else’s.

  2. Axiom142 says:

    Good job Dave!

    Let’s hope that your message gets through to the intended audience.

  3. Pumpkin says:

    Bravo! Dave. You are there applying what LRH said “Look, don’t listen”, ” What is true for you is true”, “If it’s not written it’s not true”, “Things never stay the same, they get better or they get worse”, and if one does not take responsibility to correct something they see in error, they are part of the problem.
    Good job! Nice to have another part of the problem fixed.

  4. Jenni S says:

    Hi Dave Fagen,
    I am amazed how similar your journey was to mine, except that I was only on staff for a year in NY and for a year in the SO at ASHO Day. I was in Scientology since 1969 and left officially in April 2014 though I had doubts for several years before. I was excited about the GAT drills because I always had trouble figuring out how to drill and this gave such a definite way to drill. But auditing I got after GAT was robotic. Friends of LRH site was also very instrumental in my change of heart. And the way auditors and students were invalidated like no one understood anything before GAT. Study tech was also denigrated with a comment by a public at any event video that “you don’t even need a dictionary” because the glossaries were supposedly so good. Two people, one on staff and one not, suggested to me I could correct outnesses within the church. What a joke. Who do you write up an outness to when the person you would write it up to is the source of the outness? Well, well done for your very complete and thoughtful blog.

  5. davefagen says:


    Hi. I was also amazed that this was the case. I had always thought that you always had policy that you could use for justice but that was not the case, and I should have known it a long time before.


  6. davefagen says:


    Nice to see you here. Thank you for your comment.


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