My Final Days

Introduction to Part 4 – My Final Days

Now I am going to tell you what transpired during my passage away from the church after I had made my final decision. I feel that what happened once I had told the HAS and DSA that I had made that final decision, is revealing of more evidence that today’s Church of Scientology is not the kind of organization that you and I had always gone along thinking it was. What ended up occurring ended up proving to me that some of the things I had recently been wondering about were actually true.

Next…The End of My Doubt

One thought on “My Final Days

  1. The Oracle says:

    Let me guess! After 25 years are sacrificial labor, caring about the guy in front of you, working to make the world a better place, learning reading, serving, and serviving (my word), evolving………….. You got thrown under the bus for actually spotting conditions! As in CONDITIONS on the awareness scale of the grade chart, aligning with CLEAR. Don’t tell me! I’ll read on!

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