More Missing Links Found

(Section 8 of Part 2 – Determining the Validity of Internet Data)

There were also a few other publications that started to turn the tables for me, that I read from Scientologists who had left the church. These were not former Int execs who were saying they saw David Miscavige do bad things. They were people who were blowing the whistle from their viewpoints as public and staff at lower echelons. To summarize:

  1. A Knowledge Report from OT VIII, former OT Ambassador, Mary Jo Leavitt – I was again stunned at the details given in this report. It laid out several blatant, mainstream misapplications of LRH that could not be denied when you look at the policies. And the things she was reporting as outnesses were things that anyone who goes to an org or Flag can easily see are true.
  2. A Treason condition assignment written on David Miscavige by a guy who calls himself “Plain Old Thetan”, which details out a very long list of very specific tech and policy violations, not just by certain staff or public, but by all of Scientology as a result of off-policy and out-tech orders and publications by church management.
  3. A list that shows that all the people who were on staff at a certain time in the 1960s with LRH, except one, have been declared as SP by current church management. Get that: it lists out ALL (about 40-50) the people who were on staff WITH LRH at one particular time and points out that EVERY ONE OF THEM EXCEPT ONE has been declared SP by the current church management!

THESE were the publications that began to get me to see what was really going on. It was very difficult to know what to think of the Truth Rundown, where several former Int Execs were telling horror stories about what it was like to be there and work in the presence of David Miscavige.  But these other publications, Friends of LRH, etc, these were things that I could see with my own eyes.

AND, since I could easily see WHO was behind these policy violations (as can you) and that I couldn’t see any possible way this could have occurred except that the person who implemented these actions was either extremely incompetent or suppressive, well – it made the stories on the Truth Rundown believable. Something was very wrong.

The other factor that made the Truth Rundown more believable was the absolute superabundance of stories of abuse that has occurred at the upper levels of management.  There are over a hundred written accounts by different people who were there and experienced it, not just Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder, Jeff Hawkins and Amy Scobee.

I had thought that David Miscavige was one who could be trusted, who was competent and who was ethical. I had assumed that he was gifted with spectacular capabilities, far beyond those of even the most capable people. I began to see that I had been deceived.

What I’ve just said here, was mainly said just to give you the evolution of the causes of the changes in my ideas. I will elaborate a little later on, as to the full reasoning for my decision to leave the church.  Hopefully what I say will enable you to at least see my viewpoint a little more clearly.

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