Marty Rathbun

Section 5 of Part 9 – Abuses and Outright Cruelty

Marty Rathbun tells of regular assaults on International Executives consisting of punching, slapping, kicking and getting thrown to the floor.  He said he saw Mark Yager get beat up about a dozen times, he saw Mark Ingber get beat up many times.  He saw Ray Mitthoff get hit in the back of the head open-handed and thrown to the floor numerous times.  He saw Mike Rinder get the worst of it, getting beat up at least a dozen times.  (Later, I saw Mike Rinder claim that he got beat up about 50 times.)

He describes one particular incident where David Miscavige hit Mike Rinder with an open hand, then punched him in the stomach, grabbed him by the neck so hard that he had stress marks on his neck for a week, threw him to the ground and hit his face against a tree so that his mouth started bleeding and then started kicking him in the ribs while he was down.

Rathbun said that in his last 9 months of being at Int, Miscavige got everyone who was connected with International Management and locked them all in a double-wide trailer (they were confined to that space all day and night to work and sleep) and he would come in there just about every day and beat someone up.

Then Miscavige would start inciting others, really pushing this on them, to hit others “to get their ethics in” or whatever.  Like, your ethics are out if you don’t use physical violence to get others’ ethics in.  The “out-ethics” that you had to find in someone and beat them up about, in order to show that your own ethics were in (so that you wouldn’t be beaten), would usually be some delusion that you had to invent of some supposed “out-ethics” on this other person, because if you didn’t “find” some “out-ethics” in someone else, your own physical well-being was in serious danger!  It was a serious perversion of the Knowledge Reports PL where if you somehow couldn’t “see” how “suppressive” the other person was, then you were as “suppressive” as he is because you didn’t do anything about it.  So in order for all these people to “survive” they were continually hounding on others to find any possible out-ethics they could in order to save themselves.

It just became a group insanity, which was pretty much confirmed by everyone I have ever heard (or read) communicate about what it was like to be there.

Your Int Management, the most ethical group on the planet, the elite of the elite, has become a sadistic, psychotic cult!

A recurring theme that was put out there by David Miscavige was “who is suppressing David Miscavige?  Who is the SP on COB’s lines?” Eventually, virtually everyone had their turn at being “spotted” as the SP.  One day it’s one guy, the next day, it’s someone else.  The guy seems to have a consistent obsession about who’s trying to do him in!  The guy is a nut!

And by the way, yes, it is true that Marty Rathbun admits to having inflicted violence himself while at the Int base.  Just because he did that doesn’t mean that David Miscavige did not.  Just because Miscavige and Rathbun are now publicly opposed to each other does not mean that they both cannot have done it.  The fact of Marty Rathbun’s guilt in such matters has no bearing on whether David Miscavige is guilty himself.  Decide for yourself based on all available data.

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One thought on “Marty Rathbun

  1. out-a-there says:

    Also… Aaron admitted to physical abuse at DM’s instigation.
    He was active on the internet about two years ago, was then sued by the church, and has been out of sight since.

    I don’t have any details about the lawsuit. Anyone with that info, please let me know.

    He has quite a few videos on youtube.

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