“LRH Never Would Have Allowed This to Happen”

Section 7 of Part 5 – Some Things I Have to Say About All This

“It couldn’t be true that COB is a criminal as you say, or that the church has gone corrupt, because LRH would never have allowed that to happen.”

I actually had someone tell me this in response to my letter to him, so I know that this is one of the ideas preventing people from looking at what’s going on.  It’s saying that we don’t have to look and we don’t have to get the data and we don’t have to take responsibility for our church because LRH would never do anything wrong that could allow the church to be corrupted.

The important word in the above underlined line is “would”.

This isn’t a matter of “would”, it is a matter of something is either happening or it isn’t happening.  It’s your responsibility to find out, not explain it all away.  At the very least it is a serious outpoint that so many people have left the church and are making claims against it, regardless of whether or not you think those claims are true.

If you believe the above (underlined) and you’ve got LRH mocked up as a perfect being who can do no wrong, not only are you betraying yourself for not allowing yourself to see and think for yourself but you are also betraying your group of good people who have the intention of doing good in the world through the use of Scientology.

And not only that, if you consider LRH your friend, and you leave it all up to him and you don’t look for yourself to see if his intentions are being carried out, then you’re betraying him as well.

How would you like it if you were in trouble, really big trouble, for something you screwed up on, and you really needed help because you couldn’t see what you did wrong and how to fix it, but everyone thought that you were so above the need for help because you were so perfect, that nobody came to your aid and you just kept going down the tubes?

You would at least hope that someone would come along and try to get to the bottom of what is happening to help you get back on your feet until you got back into a condition where you could help yourself again.

Well, the fact is that regardless of how perfect you think LRH was, there are serious wrongnesses going on in the church these days that are utterly destroying it.  I know that if you need me to write this long article for you, that you may not have a reality on that, but you still are capable of finding out what is going on and what you are actually supporting.  Don’t use your fixed ideas of an almost god-like LRH to block you from thinking for yourself.

This doesn’t mean that you haven’t had wins with the tech.  It doesn’t invalidate anything you have truly accomplished in Scientology.  It doesn’t mean that Scientology doesn’t work.  Tech and policy works or does not work depending on your conceptual understanding of the data and procedures, depending on whether you have genuinely sincere and ethical intentions behind your application of them and your sincere intention to help the individual in front of you become more self-determined, without subordinating that individual to some group agenda – and most importantly, depending on your honest observation of whether or not the expected results were gotten.  All I’m trying to say is please, think and look for yourself and don’t let any fixed ideas get in the way.

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