“Let’s Blame it All on Sindy!”

Section 2 of Part 5 – Some Things I Have to Say About All This

Here’s the next one:

Really, Dave is just tailing along with his wife because he doesn’t want to lose her, and Sindy has suppressively pulled Dave out of the courseroom and out of the org and denied the org a highly trained tech terminal.

I would be shocked to find out that nobody thought this one.  It’s easy for someone uninformed and unwilling-to-become-informed to make such a haphazard conclusion.  By that, I mean uninformed and unwilling-to-become-informed concerning my point of view, and Sindy’s point of view, of what we really think and feel, and the data we have, rather than getting the one-sided viewpoint which is the only viewpoint available from current church terminals.

The above (underlined) line is a falsehood and is insulting to both of us.  A true friend would never assume this without really finding out what is going on.

I’m sure that by disconnecting from us you feel that you were being loyal to your church and to LRH but, without really looking for yourself and getting in communication, you are setting yourself up to be fooled by someone who uses whatever wins that have been achieved from the tech to gain your support for his criminal enterprise.  By failing to look and see what is really happening to your church, you are turning your backs on two friends AND the church that you thought you were supporting, and everyone in it.

If you know either or both of us, and you came to the conclusion underlined above, you should know better.  Yes, it’s true that good people can become corrupted by others, but to just assume that that’s what happened, without getting into communication and getting the other viewpoint, is a betrayal.  I sincerely hope that someday you will look more closely and not let your affinity be alloyed any longer.  At such a time, if you honestly do that, I will welcome you back into my life with open arms.  But first you have to realize that the betrayal was done by everyone who disconnected from us or from anyone else who left, and did not examine for themselves all the data, who assumed that the church was right without looking for themselves, and who continued to support the church’s squirreling, cruelties and injustices. And if that includes you, that includes you.

Here is the truth of the relationship between me and Sindy regarding my ultimate decision to leave the church:

Sindy was on staff as the IAS Membership Officer and she witnessed and experienced many things that were not only wrong, they were extremely wrong.  Confirming people for events who couldn’t speak English, just to get bodies into the event seats; reporting people as event confirms who really weren’t confirmed; brushing off new public without taking care of them and their questions because the staff concerned were too busy calling people for the basics because they knew they had to make their quotas; people who weren’t even Scientologists being called up as much as 60 times in a day; minimal attention being put on pc’s and students because everyone had to be on basics sales no matter what their post was (except me, I already mentioned); public having their accounts debited, without their permission so that multiple sets of books could be purchased for other people they didn’t even know about; people being persuaded to buy multiple sets of books with the idea that they should sell them to others, with the result being that the books uselessly sat in boxes in people’s basements; Ethics Officers and MAAs telling people that they could, or had to, buy their way up the conditions by buying more books; the big push to get books donated to every library in the world resulting in libraries still not having them or, in at least one known case, selling them off for pennies; using books as an immediate solution to disasters where people really needed food, water and shelter on an emergency basis rather than books, but using this as a reason to sell more books; the list goes on.  If you were ever called an inordinate amount of times in one day, and day after day, you have an idea.  It’s not just a few misguided people who don’t really understand policy.  It’s the norm and has been going on for years now, and it is being ordered from the very top.

She saw these outpoints day in and day out.  She wondered whatever happened to the spiritual aspect of what was supposed to be a church.  Like, why all this attention on sales, money, getting every possible penny from people that could possibly be gotten.  This wasn’t what she got into Scientology to do.  Something was very wrong.  She finally confronted it and pulled the string, which is something I should have been doing and is something you should be doing.  What she found totally explains the out-ethics activities that have been going on in orgs regularly for a very long time.  The pieces were all beginning to be put together for her.

So she had the integrity to look and to then know that she could not ethically support the criminality and abuse that had become the operating basis of the Church of Scientology.  There was no way she could stay married to me 1) without me knowing about it as well, and 2) without me seeing how it would be totally against all good principles to continue to support the church.

If you think that I just “went into agreement” because I “didn’t have the balls to stand up to her”, or that I was just thinking with my you-know-what, well, then I say that you don’t know me as well as you think you do and that you should gather up the courage to have the insight as to the actual cause of something that affects you as much as this situation does.  As I said, it’s very easy for someone to just assume things without really investigating the situation for themselves, or worse yet, leaving it up to someone else to do it for them.

That means – YOU need to find out what former church members are saying, knock aside all personal bias (not the easiest thing in the world to do, I realize) get all viewpoints, knock off any fear of finding out, align and compare it with first-hand observations you have made, allow for NO omitted data and evaluate the information for yourself as to its truth or falsity.

And another thing you need to do, if you are a person who is blaming my leaving my post on Sindy, is to knock off using her as a scapegoat for your lack of confront of the real outpoints that should be in plain sight to you, which if you honestly confronted them would lead you to the real cause of this whole situation.  Sindy is not the problem, in fact she is one of the most honest, courageous and sincere people I have ever known.  If you knew her before she left the church, chances are you thought the same thing. I recommend that you do not allow your affinity to be alloyed.

I guarantee you that I did my own investigation into the situation as I saw fit and per my own integrity.  It was very difficult at first but the more I looked and the more I sorted out and understood things for myself, the easier it was for me to be certain of what the right decision was.  If there was one thing I learned from Scientology, it is that I am responsible for my own life situation and that when it came right down to it, I had to know for myself what was right and what was wrong.  I could not depend on my wife or the HAS or the DSA, or LRH to tell me what was right and what was wrong. And I didn’t count on anyone else to make my own personal decision.

And if you don’t believe that, there’s not much more I can do about it.

Besides, none of that really matters anyway, as much as this: whether or not I made the right decision. Forget about who influenced me or who didn’t influence me or how much this or that person did or didn’t influence me.  Did I make the right decision or didn’t I?  The answer to that question lies in whether or not you look at and evaluate all the relevant data and don’t stop yourself from thinking it all the way through due to fixed ideas.

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5 thoughts on ““Let’s Blame it All on Sindy!”

  1. Your humble servant says:

    Of course, we do not blame it on Sindy. On the contrary, we thank Sindy for her courage, her conscience, her insight, and her willingness to look.

  2. The Oracle says:

    The Orgs will not self inspect anymore. All curses come from “over there”. In earlier times when Hubbard was on the lines, if anyone was ARCX with an Org, an auditor was sent to their home to give them an ARCX session. Nowadays if someone is ARCX, they are sent to ethics or declared. Because the entire activity has gone south down the CDEI scale into the enforce band.

    The Orgs have gone into “MUST BE CONTRIBUTED TO” and Miscavige has led the way on this with his beggar units. You say your wife was a reg? Bullshit. Look up the word registration. The IAS people are not registering anyone for anything. They are posted as beggars to beg for donations. This was slight of hand to post these people as “regges”. They do NOT register anyone for anything.

    Have you ever seen a beggars hat pack or beggars hat pack check sheet? This is “MUST BE CONTRIBUTED TO”.

    There is a point of the bridge where people become communications release. There is a point on the bridge where people become self determined. She does not have to apologize for living with her evolution.

    You are very fortunate to have a mate that seeks to live with the truth.

    Anyone would be fortunate to have such a friend.

  3. LTC Forever says:

    Oracle, this is so true. You walk down the Sunset Blvd with bums laying on the ground asking for change and then you walk into PAC Base and you literary have these young and able “upstat” Sea Org members doing exactly the same thing (only asking for much larger amounts). It came to such a low point where I had a non-SO staff member at LAF approach me in a hallway with an extended hand: “Give me your money.” I did not even know the guy. The whole thing is just a disgrace beyond belief, and then you have these recruiters preaching you how money is the lowest form of motivation and “duty” is the highest. Duty to what?!!! Getting the last penny from everyone who comes in through the door? I couldn’t understand how these SO justified what they were doing to themselves. They are trained to commit overts on their own public continuously and then you wonder why long-time contributing staff or parishioners get declared on the spot and there is no communication.

    There is something in the Ethics book about overts and going out of communication with one’s dynamics. Isn’t that what we have now as the current scene? In my view the church has actually shrunk in its reach and communication and shrunk considerably. I don’t care what the events show with all the government officials approving it. From my viewpoint many Orgs are simply not even there except maybe in MEST presence. The “Scientology magic” is gone.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Two things

    One, many of us are afraid to come out and say anything. so the thousands are really much more.

    Two, I always wondered why staff did not really go up the bridge, maybe because they would then know that there are out points.

  5. LTC Forever says:

    Or because the management is suppressive and doesn’t want anyone to go up the Bridge (and so alter it to make sure that you don’t make it even if you have the means to).

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