Jeff Hawkins

Section 1 of Part 8 – Abuses and Outright Cruelty

Jeff has written a book about his entire experience in the Sea Org, which I have only read parts of.  The main part that I am familiar with is the part about when he was at the Int base.  He describes an atmosphere of fear and oppression that went on for many years until he finally left.

Here’s an example: Jeff describes a typical inspection by David Miscavige:  “I came to dread Miscavige’s inspections and meetings.  He was always intense and intimidating, and accompanied by a crowd of executives, eager to curry favor with him by acting as his Greek chorus.  We would usually have some warning that ‘COB is coming down to CMU’ and every executive on the chain of command would start running in, usually out of breath.  After a crowd of fifteen or twenty execs had congregated, Miscavige would suddenly appear.  Sometimes he’d throw out a derogatory little tidbit:  ‘Did you guys hear what that asshole Gary Weise just did?’  Then he’d describe some staff member’s ‘out-ethics’ in detail, everyone nodding in agreement about what an out-ethics scumbag Gary Weise was – and hoping they weren’t next.  Then he’d take up whatever he had come down to see us about – sometimes slamming a submission down on the counter before proceeding to pick it apart.  He had a way of talking about people in the third person, as if they weren’t there.  ‘Look at him,’ he’d say, pointing at some staff member.  ‘See how he looks at me.’  Or, ‘Listen to how she talks to me.’  He’d often throw around threats of RPF, or even offload.  ‘You’ll be flipping burgers at McDonalds,’ he’d say.”

Jeff was not by a long shot the only person who described meetings with David Miscavige like this.  When I realized what it was like, I could relate because, though I never was in a meeting with David Miscavige, I had experienced similar types of meetings with others, many times, though I gather that my experiences of these types of things were not as dreadful and not as consistent; but I realized in reading accounts like Jeff’s above that nobody needed to be intimidated like that in order to produce and that something was very wrong in the church for such an attitude to be so prevalent, especially in what was supposed to be a religious organization that was supposed to bring people uptone.

But back to my point, from this and other accounts, I could see that life on the Int base was a life of fear, intimidation and invalidation on a consistent, continual basis.  This is a form of abuse and horribly enough, is one of the milder versions of abuse that I have read about detailing what it was like to be there.

Jeff describes another time where he had written an infomercial for a Dianetics campaign, which was described as excellent by a fellow executive.  When David Miscavige, in a meeting with Jeff (and all of the Watchdog Committee, all of Exec Strata and all the Key Golden Era execs) went over this submission by Jeff with all of them, he denounced it sarcastically and viciously to him in front of the whole group.  He read parts of it out loud in a sarcastic tone of voice.

Then Miscavige starts demanding that Jeff confess his “crimes”, right then and there in front of everybody because he “must have crimes because he is putting out such lousy material because he is trying to sabotage COB and Scientology” (my words from my interpretation of what Jeff described).

When Jeff gets dumbfounded and can’t speak, Miscavige then “points out” to everyone there, “See how he looks at me?” implying that you have to look at COB in a certain unknown way when he is publicly degrading you or else you are showing your “evil purposes against him”.

Then Miscavige jumps up on the conference table and launches himself at Jeff, shoving him back against the wall behind him, grabs his shirt while tearing it off of him and strikes him on the face repeatedly and then knocks him down onto the floor!

Then if that wasn’t bad enough, someone else at the meeting, in my opinion sucking up to COB out of fear, commands Jeff to get up from the floor and accuses him of making COB wrong by staying on the floor too long after being bashed in the face repeatedly and being thrown down!

On another instance that Jeff describes, David Miscavige happened to walk by Jeff and with no prior communication or hint of anything, he came up to him and punched him hard right in the stomach.  Nothing provoked this act of random violence.

Now I am about to describe something which, though it does not involve physical punishment or detainment, one of the most evil, demeaning, degrading and squirrelly practices that I have ever heard of, described by Jeff Hawkins and many others who worked at the Int base.  It is a severe perversion of O/W tech, the result of which is fear, invalidation and mind control.  This, to me, when I read about this practice by many people, was the main thing that showed me that David Miscavige is a psychopathic SP and a vicious squirrel.  It also showed me that his psychosis had spread to many of the people on the Int base who somehow had been conditioned to believe that this was somehow an ethical way of acting.  If it would have been just one person who had told of this and if I couldn’t see the false reports by David Miscavige of the “explosive growth” of Scientology, I never would have believed this, as it is the case that I wouldn’t have believed the stories of physical beatings either.

Here is how Jeff describes it:

One day, all of Gold was called to a special, mandatory meeting in MCI (an abbreviation for a certain room or building at the Int base).  When we arrived, all of the Gold executives were at the front, along with executives from CMO Int and RTC.  There was a strange circle of chairs at the front of the room.  I was directed to sit in one of them.  I soon found out that this was for the Gold ‘troublemakers’ – which consisted essentially of anyone who was actually doing anything in Gold, submitting things to COB, or producing anything.  These were the people who were ‘causing trouble on COB’s lines’ – basically, everyone on his lines.  Dan and Mariette were included.

What was supposed to happen was that each of these “troublemakers” was to get up in front of the group and confess their crimes.  They were to describe the “criminal operating basis” or “op” that they were using to make Miscavige wrong and sabotage projects.  And the Roman Circus atmosphere was beyond anything I had ever experienced at the grueling staff meetings.  The crowd wanted blood.

One by one the circle of ‘troublemakers’ got up and attempted to say something, anything, to satiate the blood-lust.  ‘That’s not good enough!’ someone in the crowd would yell.  ‘Come on, tell us your real crimes.’  I saw more than one person break down.  Jim Mortland, a man I respected and liked, was led off in tears.

Finally it was my turn.  I tried to say something, but was almost instantly shouted down.  One beefy guy from the Cine Props Department, Clark Morton, stood up and yelled, ‘Come, on, tell us your real crimes!’  Clark had formerly been a CMO Executive, now busted down to being a propsman in Cine.  I could see his face reddening as he screamed.

A voice rang out behind me, “This is the guy who lied to LRH!”  It was Nathan Story, a Gold exec.  The crowd roared for my blood.”

(Incidentally, so you know what this is all about regarding Jeff having “lied to LRH” was from something he had mentioned in a Sec Check, where two people were in the room demanding “crimes” from Jeff, one behind the meter and the other standing behind him, and Jeff in desperation trying to come up with something acceptable; and even though the project he was on where he supposedly lied to LRH had gotten commendations from LRH, now that Jeff had “gotten it off” at least 15 years later, it was being touted as the why for some marketing situation, even though Jeff had since the incident been instrumental in creating the most successful Dianetics marketing campaign in the history of Scientology.  Now it had become common knowledge amongst the entire Int base how “bad” of a person he was because of something Jeff had “gotten off” in session.)

All this was some of the most troubling stuff I could ever imagine ever having happened in the group that I had always thought were the most ethical people anywhere.  It was the total opposite.  It was insane, evil and totally psychotic by a group of people who had somehow become totally nuts!  I didn’t, and don’t, ever want to be connected to a group that participates in this.

One of the things that made this hard to believe was the fact that you never would see this happening in any place where I was.  I soon became educated enough in the whole scene to realize that the Int base was where it was totally insane and that as you move down the line from the highest levels of management down to the lowest ranks of orgs and missions, it gets less and less severe and you do see wins being delivered with the tech on occasion.  So when the only place you’ve been to is an org or mission, you would have a hard time believing it.  And if you believe everything that is said at a Scientology International Event, then this is even more difficult to believe.

On the other hand when you look at the lack of expansion (which you have to see past the false PR to see) and lack of auditors made and then relate these stories to things you have experienced in your participation known as the Church of Scientology, such as ethics pressure to donate money beyond your means, pressure to complete courses before Thursday at 2:00 in certain instances where you know you are not going to be a product in the required amount of time, and the group reprimands and lack of justice and inability to defend yourself, it is possible to make the connection between the insanity that people like Jeff Hawkins are claiming to have experienced and the experiences that you have had within the organization.

What’s most important is that you evaluate all the data, positive and negative, and get your questions and contradictions solved for yourself.  It isn’t easy but it can be done.

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3 thoughts on “Jeff Hawkins

  1. Dean Fox says:

    At the start of this section I thought you were going to describe the “musical chairs” incident. If you are not familiar with that episode of horrifying abuse, turning people on to each other, purpetrated by David Miscavige, you might like to find out about it. I believe it worse than what you describe above; just when you thought it couldn’t be worse, it gets worse.

  2. davefagen says:

    Actually the musical chairs incident was another big turning point for me, which I didn’t mention, probably because I just had so much to say already.

    I came home from post on the second day after I had started reading data on the Internet and I was very distressed about my indecision about the whole thing.

    The next thing she showed me was someone’s account of the musical chairs incident.

    When I read that story, I was in the state of mind of caution to not just believe what I was being told because they all could have been lying in an effort to destroy Scientology.

    But that story was one which I felt that, if true, was what showed me how cruel and sadistic David Miscavige could be. I got the idea that he was reveling in the degradation he was inflicting on these people.

    It was sad.

    That was also where I learned that ALL of the famous guys who I had thought still had leadership posts at Int Management (ED Int, Snr C/S Int, CO CMO Int, ALL of the Senior Exec Strata, etc) had been off post for years and had been DECLARED SPs and were still at the Int base on “Mest work” in the most squalid conditions possible.

    What a reversal in my reality this had begun to cause for me!

    For those who don’t know this story, here is one person’s account of it:


  3. Dora N. says:

    Being from a mission I never found any of it hard to believe because while shocking and perhaps worse than I imagined, the Sea Org that I came in contact with where just so rude and mean. Rarely were they just genuinely happy people. Also, the force with which they went about their job was simply not necessary.

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