Some Things I Have to Say About All This

Introduction to Part 5 – Some Things I Have to Say About All This

There are so many more outpoints to all this, I’m sure I can’t state them all.  But I’m sure that there are all kinds of thoughts that people have about how to reconcile the fact that I, the guy who:

  • was on staff for 25 years
  • worked hard
  • was dedicated to getting people to learn Scientology
  • trained and re-trained and studied and went to cramming
  • endured getting yelled at for not getting completions before Thursday at 2:00
  • got very low pay for over two decades
  • still continued on in the faith that we were making progress as a church (that someday it would all come together, that we would all flourish and prosper and make a good living delivering Scientology in the church, while really clearing the planet)

is now a declared SP.

How do you reconcile that?  How do you explain that such a thing could happen?

I know what happens when someone doesn’t get the data.  I learned it from an LRH policy:


(HCO PL 21 Nov 72, PR Series 18, How to Handle Black Propaganda, PTS / SP Course Pack, page 231)

I’m sure that is something that has happened in my situation.  Someone doesn’t know how something happened so one makes up a reason that explains it to oneself so one feels satisfied, at least more satisfied than one did before.

Up until now, there is no way that you had the full story or the full viewpoint.  Perhaps you were given the church’s version of my story or you were given pieces of it.  You certainly couldn’t have been given my full viewpoint of it so you didn’t have enough data to come up with an explanation that leads to any resolution.

I was in the church for 25 years.  I have a pretty good idea of some of the ways people go reasonable when it comes outpoints such as good people being declared.  I know how I used to justify it in my mind when someone else I knew, who was not really a suppressive person,  got declared a suppressive person.  So I know of some of the stable data people in the church might create.

I’m going to go over some of the things I think people might be thinking so that they can explain to themselves how it could be that a person like me could be declared, and what I would say in response to them.  After that will be some typical arguments or questions someone might ask me, if they had the chance, which I will answer.

Next…“Is Dave Fagen really an SP?”

One thought on “Some Things I Have to Say About All This

  1. Seeker says:

    Same thing happened to me. 30+ years. I don’t wonder about it at all.

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