Flag Trying to Monopolize Delivery

(Section 14 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

Here is another very extreme outpoint that helped me to see that David Miscavige and RTC is not interested in applying LRH policy.

At the time when I was looking into all this (and possibly this has continued since then) there were programs and advertisements to send Grades pc’s to Flag to get their grades, thus taking away vital income and delivery from Class V orgs.  This was accompanied by boasts of how fast people have been completing their grades at Flag.

Now, I have never seen a reference stating that it is forbidden for Flag to deliver the Grades.  However, there is a policy being violated which explains the function of Flag (as well as Advanced Orgs and Saint Hills) concerning how to keep the Bridge flow going through the entire structure of Scientology service orgs.  You have to read the whole policy to get the complete idea (and you should) but, just to give you a preliminary idea without copying the whole policy here:

As the FSO is the top org in the hierarchy of service orgs, (see HCO PL 24 Dec 82R Service Routes into the SO Orgs), FSO Public Divisions have the additional responsibility of ensuring the lower orgs are functioning and moving people in volume up these routes.

The FSO’s continued expansion wholly depends upon all lower orgs sending more and more public up the Bridge.

The FSO Public Divisions see to it that the routes each of the lower Public Divisions are responsible for are open and flowing. And it must ensure that traffic is generated and that it is being correctly channeled up to the top of the Bridge.” LRH – HCO PL 29 Dec 82R Service Routes into the FSO, OEC Vol 6, page 127

An order to send Grades public to Flag (to get their Grades), instead of getting the FSO to ensure that the lower orgs are delivering their Grades, is obviously a violation of policy.  It’s another, in a plethora of unusual solutions, that I was able to see once I really decided to look.  Again, please read the entire policy to understand this.

Additionally, as it is being advertised that people get through their Grades at Flag faster ( and not because of “no distractions”), this is a Technical Degrade per HCO PL 17 June 70RB, Keeping Scientology Series 5R, Technical Degrades:

5. Boasting as to speed of delivery in a session, such as “I put in Grade 0 in 3 minutes. Etc.”

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3 thoughts on “Flag Trying to Monopolize Delivery

  1. The Oracle says:

    It might help you to know that most of the Sea Org staff have never seen these policies. They get through Product Zero ( a little staff orientation course where you learn about bilge water on ships etc.) and they never see the inside of a course room again. I was pulled off before I could even finish it and put on post. The first time I returned to the course room for my 2 1/2 hours a day study, with 20 minutes two execs were there to pull me out. When I said a few later after NO training for more than two years that I wanted to get trained, I was assigned a lower condition! So, these people are not thinking Hubbard, they are thinking with orders. It might also help you to know while in the Sea Org at Flag I did not meat one staff member that had done the PTS SP course outside of the MAA’s office. The “Mecca of technical perfection” was being run by people whop had very little knowledge of Scientology. Very little actual bridge experience. The CMO staff were the only ones on course and eating nurtitional food. They had little or ZERO ARC for the other staff and only enforced compliance to orders.
    They NEVER came into contact with the public (considered lice).

  2. PapasFritas says:

    Reading this section made me think of an instance when I was having lunch with one of our academy sups chatting about her Flag Training experiences (the org was trying to send me out). I sat there in disbelief as my sup was telling me that she was auditing public who were paying tons of money to get auditing at flag, that she was delivering as an intern. They dress them up in Sea Org garb, part of the deception that the public is receiving the best auditing in the world. She gave out a “oh my god” type of laugh, because she was basically “practicing” on public paying thousands of dollars for “professional” auditing. This was one of the many instances that really started the wheels to crank in my mind that something was not ok.

  3. Oh my, PapasFritas, I thought I’d heard everything! Oh my, oh my! I’m speechless.

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