David Miscavige’s Qualifications for his Post

(Section 17 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

When we initially met with the HAS, one of the points she tried to make (in an effort to make a case against the former Int Management staff who claim that David Miscavige inflicts violence on staff and commits other atrocities) was that LRH appointed Miscavige as his successor, to lead the church.

I’d been in Scientology for 25 years, on staff for all but three months of that time.  I’d read many many references.  At no time had I ever seen a written reference that even claimed to be written by LRH, that ever even mentioned the name David Miscavige, much less one that appointed him as his successor in leadership.  All this time I had assumed that this was the case, and the HAS was still assuming.  I was reasonable when I thought that David Miscavige must have been the guy LRH had appointed to take his place.

I’ve already gone over COB’s stats.  They’re horrible.  The vital stats of Scientology orgs have gone unviably low, under his poor leadership, while he false reports to his staff and public  to create the facade of great leadership thus, sending the signal that all should do whatever he says, because he knows best.

In any regular company or organization, with these stats, David Miscavige would be history — even if he was the sweetest, kindest gentlest person in the world.  If  he had integrity, he would step down.

Have you ever seen anything in writing, like a certificate, or even a verbal claim, that COB is trained at all?  Or did you just assume that he was an OEC / FEBC and a trained data evaluator? I ask that because I had always assumed that. Otherwise how would he have gotten onto the highest post in all of Scientology? (The answer to that last question is available but it is not something that he would want you to know.  I won’t go into it here, as this dissertation is long enough.  But the information is available.)

COB is not trained.  He hasn’t done his OECs; he is not a trained data evaluator.

He is not a certified auditor even though he does act as though he were a highly trained C/S (by inspecting tech and pc folders and inventing technical programs), enforcing his interpretation of what an F/N looks like on all concerned, and coming out with revisions of the tech.

There’s a pretty good chance that you’ve heard people tell their stories of having been audited by LRH.  Have you ever heard anyone, ever, say anything about the results of auditing with David Miscavige as their auditor?  Have you ever heard of him ever auditing anyone?

I have.  I was told by a Class XII, formerly in the church, that he did the Academy Levels at Saint Hill when he was a teenager.  She said he is still incomplete on his Class IV Internship.  The data is that he physically assaulted one of his pc’s when he was on that internship.

You may not believe this. Yes, it’s very extreme. You may think that the person who claims this, the Class XII, is just lying because she is bitter.  You may assume that she is really an SP who finally, after fooling the whole church into letting her be certified as a Class XII, was discovered by heroic measures and expelled from the church.  Or whatever.

I believe her data because I’ve opened my eyes to the outnesses that are quite obvious once you actually decide it’s okay to look.  The church is now the entity that I disbelieve when I hear conflicting data, when a former member claims an atrocity committed by David Miscavige and the church counters this claim in whatever way.  In fact, I don’t believe a word that the church says these days.  I got that point of view by the overwhelming evidence that I am presenting to you here in this story, that COB and his spokesmen lie incessantly.  I will be explaining more about how I came to disbelieve what the church claims as I go on.

Furthermore, if COB was the standard, all-knowledgeable follower of LRH tech and policy, then I ask, why doesn’t he handle this situation (of people claiming that he is guilty of crimes), by using standard handlings per policy? If he is free of guilt why doesn’t he apply standard justice actions to make it clear to everyone that he is innocent and to show that everyone who is making these claims against him is just bitter, vengeful and delusional?

Anyone can request a Comm Ev on himself for anything. An example would be an intern removed from course who does not believe he failed. He can request a Comm Ev. If he can prove he didn’t, he has to be restored.

If one is being shot at or regarded with contempt through false accusations, his first action would be to ask the Ethics Officer or MAA for a third party investigation, and if that didn’t work, request a Comm Ev to clear his name or repute. Or to get himself rightfully shot for that matter.

Example: Someone is being kicked around. He can’t handle it himself. So he requests a Comm Ev.

This MUST be given him. And it must be SWIFT.” – LRH (HCO PL 24 Feb 72 I Injustice, OEC Vol 0, page 703)

So, again, if he is innocent (meaning, if all the people who say that he beats his staff, etc. are lying), then a Committee of Evidence (done fairly and for the greatest good), should reveal that.  A man with nothing to hide should not only have no problem with that but should have already requested it himself.

If I saw honest records of a standardly done Comm Ev on COB which showed, beyond a doubt, that he was innocent (making sure that ALL the evidence was taken into account), then I wouldn’t think he was guilty.  But in my opinion, the evidence of his guilt is added to by his unwillingness to use any kind of justice that would reveal the truth.

It’s just more evidence to me, on top of everything else, that David Miscavige is nothing more than a fraud.

Next…A Further Opinion on COB’s Non-Standardness

8 thoughts on “David Miscavige’s Qualifications for his Post

  1. The Oracle says:

    “When we initially met with the HAS, one of the points she tried to make (in an effort to make a case against the former Int Management staff who claim that David Miscavige inflicts violence on staff and commits other atrocities) was that LRH appointed Miscavige as his successor, to lead the church.”

    She was passing along a false report.

    “Have you ever heard of him ever auditing anyone?”

    I heard about the P.C. he slapped before he was removed from tech lines.

  2. Sally J says:

    Not a Scientologist – but I read comments by a number of previous CO$ execs (I think one was Marty?) that DM audited Lisa McPherson, said she was clear when she “clearly” was not, which led to her mental/emotional crisis (if she was clear, why was the tech not working?) which ultimately led to her death. Not a good outcome.

  3. Mariane says:

    I recently read a quote of. RLH admitting that he threw a book at a pre-clear out of frustration. His own description of it was not with real remorse, but with amused excuse.
    DM grew up around this, modeled it, and then owned it.
    It‘s time that the mistakes of RLH (whom I love) be denounced, and the damage he did to DM be acknoledged.

  4. Barney says:

    Any good investigation would require PROOF of abuse. It is going to take more than individuals accusing DM of wrong doings. If it is actually true about his temper and him beating individuals, then where is the video, where are tape recordings. Seriously, someone by now could have recorded this by hiding a camera somewhere. A good friend of mine said that what all this entheta is about is gpm, goals problems masses. Another points out that it is ‘group bank’. Only PROOF will set all Scientologists free.

  5. davefagen says:


    By that line of reasoning, the only way you could ever convict someone of murder would be that you would have to have a videotape of the person committing the murder.


  6. barney says:

    In order for a criminal case to be accepted by the District Attorney they ask for some type of and usually plenty of concrete proof. Right now all I am hearing are verbal accusations. This would make even a civil case tough. There needs to be more. Shoot, a wog came in, joined the SO and was packing full video hidden on her and in her purse. Unfortunately none of it was on the hole and DM or anything to cause legitimate concern. Some of the SO that have been placed into the hole have had access to cars and have ability to get away, such as when they go to Missions and Ideal Org or PR events and whatever. Now I am not stating the activity did not take place, but the FBI and the police department would have been hot on this accusation in a heartbeat if there was some irrefutable proof to move forward. Just cause a person ‘says’ another murders someone does not make a case.

  7. davefagen says:

    You may have a point. I’m probably not as educated as you in this area.

  8. katyled says:

    I also heard the rumor that DM personally cleared Lisa McPherson, but I am inclined not to believe it because it doesn’t fit the profile of DM. He doesn’t seem to concern himself with such prosaic events as auditing an ordinary public member. While I am willing to believe that DM is capable of great evil, this doesn’t seem probable to me, unless Lisa represented some great scandal he was attempting to avert, or some great financial windfall he was eager to reap.

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