Comments about the Church’s Methods of Handling Those who Speak out Against It

(Section 25 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

I mentioned earlier my observations about this. The pattern is that someone, most often these days someone who used to be a member of the church, comes out and reveals things that were done in the church that were wrong, such as severe human rights violations and abuse. The church then counters by calling them liars and then making character assassinations about them. If you want examples of this they are not hard to find. Look in editions of “Freedom” mag and the website “Religious Freedom Watch” and observe this.

It wouldn’t be such a big deal if there were only a few people speaking out against the church and David Miscavige. But there are so many of them. As I said I will give examples but people speaking out against the church are not hard to find at all.

The church’s implications that all these people are SPs (or even just that they are PTS and temporarily acting like SPs or whatever) are examples of irresponsibility and inability to look inward and correct oneself. Part of the evidence of that is the severe lack of use of justice to get to the truth so as to re-open the path to the greatest good.

What we have here is an ARC Broken field! No matter what you think the cause of it is, it is an ARC Broken field, not a plethora of SPs trying to destroy the future of all mankind. There are ways to handle an ARC Broken field and the church is not doing them. There’s no policy saying that the way to handle an ARC broken field is to label all the ARC Broken people SPs and publish to the world all their overts so as to prove that nobody should ever believe a word they say.

When persons are poorly processed or poorly trained they can restimulate a great deal of bypassed charge.

When persons are permitted to take higher grades without really attaining lower grades, bypassed charge is inevitable; hence we see refunds, attacks and upsets in orgs and the field.

The true cause of attacks is ARC breaks of long duration which transfer to us when we permit technical goofs.” – LRH (HCO PL 23 Feb 1970 Quality of Service, OEC Volume 6, page 548

Permitting an ARC broken person to leave an org unhandled shall be deemed, for the last auditor to audit him and for the PES and Director of Success, a crime.

Failure to strenuously act to clean up an ‘ARC broken field’ shall be deemed a high crime for the Executive Council.” – LRH (HCO PL 23 Feb 1970 Quality of Service, OEC Volume 6, page 549)

But let us say, for example, that there are many ARC broken public in some org’s CF.

It got that way through no-auditing usually. Failure to actually deliver.

But where a CF does contain people ARC broken with the org, there is a time-honored way of handling.

One picks out a key area and from that area selects a person. The ARC Break Reg and Auditor get them in. The Case Supervisor and an HGC Auditor do a bang-up job of handling rapidly. And a shiny product is sent back into that key area.

One keeps this up, area by area, putting out fine examples.

People will begin to come in from those areas.

It works every time.

A C/S 53RI and/or a Green Form run on any pc or an HCOB 15 Nov 74, STUDENT REHABILITATION LIST, run on any blown student or student who failed in practice will return a person to service. (If done by an auditor who can make a prepared list read on a meter.)

The name of the game is Scientology. ‘No-auditing’ can be run on a whole field. ‘No-training’ can also be run on a whole field. Either or both will give the impression of an ‘ARC broken CF.’

Service the people well and in volume and all else will follow.” – LRH (HCO PL 15 Nov 74 II CFs, ARC Breaks In, OEC Vol 6, page 554)

I just wanted to give you a sample of what LRH policy says to do when you get evidences of ARC Breaks of people formerly in the church so that you can see that a solution is given that doesn’t consist of childish name-calling. There are about 4 or 5 references in the same section of OEC Volume 6 that go over handlings for ARC broken people and the reasons why people become ARC broken. I recommend that you read them so as to get the full concepts.

Again, I have to say that the church is never going to solve anything until it looks at its own actions and its own causativeness in the situation of former members attacking it. This constant blaming and inability to look inward is only going to continue to make the situation worse and worse.

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2 thoughts on “Comments about the Church’s Methods of Handling Those who Speak out Against It

  1. The Oracle says:

    Again, they clearly do not give a hoot about L.R.H. policy. If they thought it had ANY value, they would use it. The most difficult thing for to confront in this entire theater is the amount of people in the production who clearly find Hubbard’s work of no value. They are here in some kind odd oblique manner that has nothing at all to do with Hubbard! Most have them have been parked off the bridge and dabble in disputes or competitions with stats or status. But at the end of the day, they really are not here because they are on the same page with Hubbard.

  2. LTC Forever says:

    I agree. The church is basically run by non-Scientologists who simply use Ron Hubbard and his works as some PR/marketing front.

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