Amy Scobee

Section 3 of Part 8 – Abuses and Outright Cruelty

Amy’s was one of the first testimonials that I saw as to the violence and abuse of David Miscavige.  She too described the time that he jumped up on the table and then down at Jeff Hawkins and physically attacked him.  She says it was mortifying to see how shocked Jeff was at the absolutely sudden attack – no warning at all.

And then she says the meeting continued just as if nothing had happened.

She gave a similar account of Miscavige doing the same thing to Wendell Reynolds, then saying to him, “Get up and stop pretending you’re hurt!”

She told yet another story where Miscavige grabbed Marc Yager by the shirt and shoved him up against some bookcases that toppled over as a result.

She described an incident where David Miscavige was strangling Mike Rinder and his face was turning purple.  She told of another time where Miscavige came up behind Ray Mitthoff and hit him on the back of the head three times very hard, and then went on a total tantrum, knocking things over and stuff like that.

The RPF, as has been said before, is supposed to be a rehabilitation program where you study and audit 5 hours a day and do mest work the rest of the day.  You are supposed to sleep 7 hours and the order of magnitude of how long it takes is supposed to be weeks or months, not years.  Amy describes a particular two-year period where she was on the RPF.  She worked for two years straight on renovations projects, with no study, no auditing and only 4 hours of sleep at the most – that’s for two straight years!  She said you have no outside comm lines to any people, including family, outside of the RPF.

She said she knows of a guy who was on the RPF for 13 years and the original reason for his getting put onto it was that he had a dirty needle!

She said David Miscavige was calling almost everyone at the Int base SPs.  She says there is now NO Exec Strata, NO Watchdog Committee, NO Int Management.  The whole thing was unmocked and it is still unmocked.  ED Int is no longer ED Int, CO CMO Int is no longer CO CMO Int.  There is NO Senior C/S Int.

She said that for a long time, she was always rationalizing all these insanities in an effort to explain to herself why it was OK, until one day she took a good look and had a cognition that it was NOT OK, and that no amount of Security Checking was going to change what she saw.  That was how she decided that she did not want to be part of this scene any more.

The reason why people can’t fight back against David Miscavige is because, first of all, he has an entourage of his loyal followers who follow him around wherever he goes, so you’d have to fight back against a whole gang if you fought back at all.  Secondly, he had the power to put you out in the street with nothing and force your family and spouse to disconnect from you forever, or he could put you in the RPF at a moment’s notice, which is a fate that nobody wanted.  He uses his power to abuse people, to beat them, to confine them and to alienate them from their families.  She says that though the Church of Scientology is supposed to be an international advocate for human rights, the exact opposite is what was occurring at the Int base when she was there.

If you don’t see how this could possibly be true or if you see holes in the media testimonies that Amy or anyone else gives, well, remember that I don’t have enough time to write down everything she says.  You are perfectly capable of getting everything she has to say, it is all available on the Internet.  I’m just picking out the things that these people have said that I most remember as having made the most impression on me, just so you can get an idea of what happened leading up to my decision to leave the Church of Scientology.

Next…Don Jason

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