A Declare Order?

(Section 8 of Part 4 – My Final Days)

Weeks went by after the HAS told me that the papers for the proposed declare orders on me and Sindy had been sent uplines for approval.  We went on with our lives.  Then one day a friend of ours who was getting a repayment and who was going into the org somewhat regularly to get the admin done on that, told Sindy that there was a declare order posted in the org on me and Sindy.

But soon afterward, I had another person I knew tell me that she had been into the org (at a later time than our friend above), and she said that she had looked for any kind of posted issue on us and she said there wasn’t any.  I believe there may have also been another person who had said that there was no issue posted.  From what I can tell from this, someone had posted a declare order on us and then soon afterward, someone had taken it down.

Then one day, the DSA in Chicago sent Sindy a text message saying she wanted to set up a time to meet with us.  Specifically she told her she wanted to meet with “you and your husband” to go over “your paper” with “you”.  (By “your paper” I assume she meant our declare order.)

I’ll let you speculate on why she only sent a text message to Sindy and not to me and why she would not mention me by name and why she didn’t want to say the words “Declare” or “Suppressive Person”.

Sindy had asked the HAS, some time earlier, to promise her that we would be mailed the declare order when it came out.  Now the DSA was saying that she wanted to meet with us so that she could show it to us but that we couldn’t have a copy.  I daresay that isn’t exactly what Sindy had in mind.

When Sindy told me that the DSA wanted to meet with us so that she could show us in writing that we were Suppressive Persons, I wasn’t interested.  I don’t make appointments with people to be libeled and slandered by them!  If she wanted to mail it to us, that would be fine.  That never happened either.

And that’s the last of what I know about it.  I don’t think there was a declare posted except for that short amount of time.  I’ve been told that nowadays the church doesn’t post its declare orders and they do not show them to anyone except in certain circumstances.  They keep them on file but they don’t post them apparently.  I know that I was disconnected from by a few hundred people at least.  And that’s that.  For all intents and purposes, I’m declared a Suppressive Person.

Next…Part 5 – Some Things I Have to Say About All This

4 thoughts on “A Declare Order?

  1. The Oracle says:

    It is telling that the Church does not let the declares leave the Church now. They are like with holds. What they do is post them until the staff have seen them, to restimulate the staff. Then they remove them as they are out PR for the public. If you look up the word DECLARE, it does not mean to write something then keep it hidden. They can not even DECLARE with their own DECLARES anymore! These declares are like with holds they keep hidden as well as possible. Because there are OVERTS behind them.

  2. The Joburg Org has said that they are not giving the declared persons their declares in writing for fear of libel cases! From what I know about about what’s been said about these people it’s character assassination per the Fair Game policy. The church fears that it could sued for slander!

  3. Ronnie Bell says:

    I can remember long ago, wondering why ‘so and so’ just up and disappeared without a trace. This happened often enough, that it really bugged me. It was a continuing series of mysterious disappearances that no one seemed to know anything about. People would become stable terminals in my life – sometimes for many years – then one day….poof. Just gone.

    It was only upon leaving the church myself, and reading the personal accounts of people who’d been unjustly declared, that the penny finally dropped for me. Apparently, excommunicating members for asking the ‘wrong’ questions, or for spotting major outpoints, has been standard practice by the “church” for a long long time.

  4. davefagen says:

    Agreed. A lot gets revealed when you leave the bubble, and start finding things out that you wouldn’t dare try to find out before, and things start to make a lot of sense.

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