2½ % or 97½ %?

(Section 2 of Part 3 – Why I Left the Church)

As I pointed out earlier, the list of the 49 out of 50 staff (who at one point had worked with LRH — all of them at the same time!), was a major indicator to me that the current leadership of the church was corrupt.   Here is a reference:

Now any time you find thirty people on staff being removed because they were suppressive, you know they had the wrong Why, because the percentages are wrong. It’s just mathematical as that. If they’ve done that then I can also assure you they’ve left the suppressive on the staff and I can also assure you the guy that did it was suppressive.” LRH (HCO PL 15 March 1977RA, Data Series 41 The Situation, Management Series Vol 1, page 615)

These were all people who worked with LRH yet they were now all DECLARED SP’S! Does this make sense to you?

Well, it didn’t make sense to me. Some examples of the people who were declared were: John McMaster, the first Clear; Reg Sharpe, LRH’s Assistant and personal friend (who you will hear auditing in several auditing demo tapes from those days); Leon Steinberg, personal friend of LRH who was one of the first Class XIIs and personally trained by LRH.

Another violation (of the above reference) was a history lesson I had read online:

In 1982, at the Mission Holders Conference in San Francisco, David Miscavige and his new command team declared 28 out of 33 of the US Mission Holders as being suppressive, some of whom were on a list of “Top FSM Groups of the Year”.  Those people did not receive ANY justice actions, they were just declared on the spot. It was announced verbally by one of the speakers at the conference.  Some of the people (who were declared by that announcement) were in the audience at the time this announcement was made and this was the first they had heard of it!

OSA did not even attempt to “Dead Agent”  for me the validity of the above report of mass declarations.

Also, I found it hard to believe that the 5 or 6 people (mentioned in The Truth Rundown) who were making claims against David Miscavige, were all SPs.  These people were at Int Management for 15-30 years and Sea Org members for up to 30 years.

One of these so-called SPs was Jeff Hawkins.  Do you remember the big Book 1 boom that occurred in the late 1980s?

TV stations around the country were deluged with Dianetics book commercials, and I remember that time.  Within a couple of years the sales of Book 1 were in the millions and the total number of books sold kept going up, through 9 million, 10 million, 11 million, etc, all within a short time period.  That was around the time at the org when we had stacks and stacks of “More Information” cards coming in, more than we could actually handle, from people who had read the Dianetics book and who then wanted to get auditing or to be an auditor.  Jeff Hawkins was the main person behind that marketing campaign and it was probably the most successful Book 1 campaign in the history of the church.

Another one of those so-called SPs was Amy Scobee.  I remember that, in the early 1990s, Celebrity Centre International had some major expansion.   They won a lot of birthday games for many years and Amy Scobee was one of the main people who led the establishment of what might be considered the best expansion years in the history of CC Int.

Yet another one of those so-called SPs was Dan Koon.  He was Joe Howard in the Pro TRs film, directed by LRH.  I had often heard others talk of him as being a top tech terminal in the church.  LRH somehow was able to get Dan’s TRs to a point where he was willing to use Dan’s TRs as the visual standard by which to technically critique TRs for over 30 years.  Yet now I was finding out that he was an SP who never amounted to anything despite being given many chances!

I should also interject here that, I was in a real “funk” for a while (not knowing what to think) so, I thought that it would be fair to communicate directly to someone who had left the church, so I chose Dan.  I had a lot of reality on Dan Koon because, even though I had never met him, he had always impressed me as a trustworthy tech terminal.  The fact that LRH used him as the main character in the Pro TRs film (a film which I have seen and enjoyed hundreds and hundreds of times) was part of the reason I trusted him.  I asked Dan if he would answer my questions and he was very obliging, very helpful and very friendly.

Even then I had my doubts, because I reasoned that no matter how sincere someone seemed, the whole thing could all just be an act.  However, when I found out that he was one of the people who used to be at Int Management who left (I saw an interview with him where he explained why he left the church), I saw that there really was more than just a small-scale movement of people who were dissatisfied with the church.  I thought that maybe there was something legitimate to look at here. I’m not saying that I left the church only because of Dan Koon, but I did see him as someone not to be ignored.

Dan answered all my questions from his viewpoint.  He was very fair and non-judgmental.  He really understood what I was going through, with the doubts and all, as he had also experienced the same thing himself at one time and knew of many others who had.  When I asked him if the claim of physical violence, by David Miscavige (that was claimed by many), was actually true, he assured me that it was true and that he witnessed some of it himself.

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3 thoughts on “2½ % or 97½ %?

  1. Dora N. says:

    I’ve wondered how someone can devote their lives to Scientology, study it and move up the Bridge and then become an SP. So they weren’t an SP before but now they are. Amazing.

  2. dankoon says:

    LRH stated the same thing again in 1978 when he found out that the List 1 R/Ser Program had resulted in perhaps 30% of S.O. staff at Int headquarters, Flag and PAC had been sent to the RPF. He knew the percentages were too high. Dave, if I was able to be of any help to you I am gratified. Thanks for your kind assessment.

  3. davefagen says:

    Thank you again Dan. Be very gratified. You turned out to be the kind of person I had always expected that you were, during all those years where I had known who you were but had never communicated to you.

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